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My partner and I are two high school students from Wisconsin. We were recently approached by an avid gardener about gardening carts. She is a senior citizen who wanted an easier to get around in the garden. Kneeling is painful, and it is hard for older people to keep getting up and down. The same goes for gardening carts or just sitting on a bucket. We are trying to innovate a new product that would solve this problem. If you could take the time to answer a couple questions, it would be greatly appreciated.


Do you have any physical limitations/ disabilities when you garden? If so describe


Do you own/ use a garden cart? If no, what do you use?


Are there problems with this?


Was it affordable/ how much did it cost?


Would electrically motorizing this cart be beneficial?


Any other problems/ suggestions?


Thank you for your time

I'm sorry but I don't have a clue what a gardening cart is. Nor can I even force my imagination to conjure one up, not even if I shut my eyes really tight for a long time.

 I'm with you on this waterbutt. I shut my eyes and stepped outside the box...

Don't want to sound rude...but is a cart like someone sat in a wheel barrow perhaps being pushed around the garden...surely something horse drawn would be a tad bit OTT...can you post a picture as to what you mean...gardening carts clearly exist in Wisconsin

I think Wisconsin must be very very flat. Here in Derbyshire you wouldn't want to be in a wheelbarrow unless it had good brakes and low gears.

Maybe you are American and living in the mid west. You just never knew.


How is it propelled other than by the happy owner doing an impersonation of a two year old on a tricycle?

If I ever got onto it (though I can't imagine why I would) the only way to get off again would be by falling sideways and crawling away.

What is it for?


I suggest one of these

 strap-on, one leg milking stool...



Have a look here

Fred is disabled, he test's out gardening equipment and posts his experiences.

I have bought quite a few of Fred's recommendations and have been more than pleased with every purchase. I'm not disabled but always look at Fred's page if I'm thinking about a new tool for the garden.

Good luck!

Swiss Sue.

I once knew a couple of elderly Swiss ladies. They taught me how to say, but not write, "kitchen drawer" in Swiss German. And I know from them that the Swiss like to think independently and don't appreciate being told to follow the crowd. I think that stool sums up the spirit of the nation perfectly.

Do the cows have matching attachments on their hooves so that milking can be done on the hop?


Dove do you think I would be able to put wheels on a portable loo and then add a coffee maker to it.


I could even pain it green.




Go for it James, you could market those and make a fortune



Waterbutts, I guess you learnt to say "chuchichäschtli"!

I did. Not that I would have recognised it in its written form.

As funny as it may seem, DOVEFROMABOVE had a design we were looking at. The target consumer would be someone 60+ in age. We were looking to maybe motorize one of them, and sure cluelessgardener! we could even put a "loo" on it


 Dovefromabove is 60+ years of age!!!  She still gets up every day at just after 5am, walks about in her garden on her own, climbs up the banks, digs her own garden and fishpond, climbs her own ladders, mixes her own cement and lays her own bricks, drives a convertible cabriolet, is about to travel through central Russia without a safety net and is likely to poke High School Students from Wisconsin with a sharp stick if they're ever cheeky again.  

I suggest you look properly at disability issues, rather than categorising your target market by age 

Dovefromabove is 27years old, she just forgets to take her tablets