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What are the best gardening gloves.  Brought a number of different ones but always seem to get an hole one the fingers. Can anyone recommend a good pair please.



I use these....

I do eventually get a hole in the middle finger on the left hand glove but takes a while. Thats because I dig with my right and scrabble with my left. Wish I could find someone left handed to do a swap with

They are washable but take an age to dry. Thorn resistant, waterproof, warm in winter as they are flock lined so also very comfortable and the best I have come across. I work gardening most everyday so they would probably last you a lot longer.


i get a supply of frezzer gloves from a friend on sainsburys night shift 


I use the RHS Dry Touch leather gloves, a bit expensive but last a while.  I do tend to end up wearing holes in the fingers of the left hand though.  I wear them 4-5 days a week 6 hours a day.


I use the Ethel gloves - they have reinforced finger tips which take a while to wear through - I get through a couple of pairs a year, but I am wearing them every weekend


I have a selection of different prs to protect my nails, having nice nails came before my interest in gardening  and a manicure becomes an expensive waste if the following day your varnish gets chipped or you break a nail after a day in the garden

I have a strong rubber builders pr if doing anything heavy like moving flags or shifting gravel, also handy if cutting down brambles or anything prickly - haven't had cause to wear them for a while. A green wooly pr with rubber grips on the palms if using big garden tools, like fork, spade, rake etc..They're handy when the weathers cold too and a couple of washable thinner prs when using hand tools, potting up or planting out. They're also handy when delving into spud bags and are probably used the most.

I think a good pr should fit your hand well, give protection and allow you to do the task in hand which might mean having a few different prs.. 


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