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We want to buy a glass cutter suitable for GH glass has anyone bought one and would recommend it? Thanks KEF.


Thanks for info' Edd I thought we'd need to get something mega for re-inforced glass.


KEF, is your glass horticultural grade or the re-inforced stuff? You may need to get the re-inforced stuff cut professionally. Hopefully someone here will let you know.


Archie do you mean Flymo do a glass cutter? or are you teasing me ? Flymo grass cutter  If teasing hope your weekend curry is a Korma



noooooooooooh not korma


Think I've mislead folks it's horticultural glass.

I've the chance of a replacement GH for my rotted wooden one, overgrown with ivy  but structure is sound, lots of broken pains, and need to hire a van. It couldn't be easy could it ?  it's one that is wider at base than top and I thought maybe glass from old one could be cut down to size.

Still deciding if worth effort to "dig it out" remove all the ivy to skip and pay van hire etc..bit hard to say no as OH  friend's Mum's and she wants rid, but don't want donkey work to find it a wreck..does look promising but a funny size. 7' wide, 7' 6" length, 5' at lowest height.

archiepem wrote (see)

noooooooooooh not korma

Plus a side order of tikka masala


Steve 309

As far as I'm aware, horticultural glass is just about the cheapest available.  If, as you say, some panes are broken, it ain't toughened or laminated.   An ordinary steel-wheel glass cutter should do the job.  What Edd sedd.


Thanks for replies Edd & Steve it must be horticultural glass. Will be having a trip to Wilko.

Don't know why I said re-inforced, senior moment or daft.

Hi , If you have to cut old ,secondhand glass , be sure you have more than enough glass,dont be afraid to braek some ,then my experience is: the more You are unsure  the more you will braek .


I agree with phlox - old glass is a PITA to cut due to stresses that build up over time.  Old horticultural glass is dangerous stuff to handle, too, so do take great care KEF.

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