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Right, I want my lawn to thicken up, and try and get rid of the weeds in it. So, I've just spread my fertiliser and moss killer, (well at start of week day before it's piddled down) and now I'm going to religously cut the lawn twice a week. I shall use lawn fertiliser every 6 weeks and see whether the increased cutting really does encourage the grass. I shall report back throughout the season.

Don't cut th egrass too short or in a drought period.  This weakens the plants and thus the roots and good grass stems grow from healthy roots.


The most important thing for vigour is not how often you mow the lawn, but the height the blades are set at. You should not remove more than one third of the aveage height of the blades of grass, as this can seriously weaken its vigour and encourage diseases. 

What you don't want to do is to let the grass get quite long and then cut it with the blades set low (tempting as this is for a busy person) as this will reduce the vigour.. 

in your situation I would keep the blades reasonably high, so that there is a lot of leaf for photosynthesis, and cut as often as you want for appearance, probably twice a week in spring and early autumn, once a week in summer when the grass is growing a lot more slowly. 

Hiya brummieben

Cutting twice a week is great.  It means You won't cut too much each time and the grass won't suffer.

On my light soil I raised the cut few years back....not too short not too lomg.....and it remains green and soft to sit or walk on. Lawn has never looked better

A granular feed well watered in...mine done 3 weeks ago...and another in mid summer is all it needs.  I get mine from Lidl there but as good as any other branded lawn fertiliser.  It doesnt contain weedkiller, etc but I now use spot weedkiller. 

I think mowing is prob the most important lawn treatment.  If we get hot summer I will raise the cutting height.

Good luck BrummieBen 

Verduns advice is spot-on, and pretty much what I did at our old house, where the lawn was my only gardening interest.  I turned both the front and back lawns from 80% moss-infested green things into lush well kept lawns. A good website with very good lawn advice is lawnsmith, which has advice from basic through to expert, depending how deep you want to go.

The best advice I rhink upping your cutting height and also splitting your feed and weed. I'd 'weed' once a year in April with Verdone, and then feed a couple of times a year. The weed and feeds do put a little bit of stress on the lawn and if it's pretty weed free, then it's best not to stress it at all. Feed the lawn to out-compete the weeds




I'm finding all this advice very useful; the lawn, to me, is the least interesting part of the garden and though it is tiny, I ought to pay it more (educated) attention.

Woodgreen wonderboy

I agree with Wodufin re raising the cutting height... stronger grass, less moss and greener.

The lawn is often now regarded by the "experts" as not worth while but a lot of us want to own our piece of grass.  It's lovely to look at, to sit on, lie on and it's satisfying to cut. The smell of  new mown grass is unbeatable and nothing sets off our planting like a nice lawn.

Besides, if I got rid of my grass my dog would never forgive me.


usually, lawn is biggest part of garden, so if it looks good, everything can feed off it.


with all this rain, and the fertiliser the lawn is shooting up, loathe to cut yet, want to give the weed killer chance to work in. Thinking I'll leave for a full two weeks then take top third, then a week later take down to half. Anyone think that is the best way to go?

Keep it simple.  Cut it regularly when weather and time permit and keep it a decent length to allow it to grow strongly and thickly as this is what will keep weeds down.

Grass doesn't plan.  It just grows when there's enough warmth and moisture so, as with all things gardening, go with the flow of the weather and seasons rather than a set prescription and timetable.


I have a theory that lawns are 'chaps stuff' so am v. happy that my lawn is tiny; my problem is that there are clumps of couch grass in mine, will lawn weeder get rid of that or should I dig out each clump, put in compost and sand mix and re-seed?

Woodgreen wonderboy

Couch is tricky. "They" do say that frequent mowing encourages the fine grasses at the expense of the rough ones. Not sure if careful application of a systematic weedkiller specifically painted say onto some of the leaves of the couch might work?

I'd dig out each clump, back fill, etc. it'll make for a more consistent lawn. No harm in mxing a bit of general fertiliser of blood/bone into the compost as well, to help the new seed along, Thats all they do in the 'patch magic' type stuff


Thank you both for the info.



Lawn weed killer won't kill any type of grass. wood green wonderboy is spot on 

. use glyphosate carefully on some leaves of the couch. When it has died give it two weeks - resow, or wait till September to be sure there is no regrowth, and then resow.






BrummieBen, BrummieBen, BrummieBen,

The weedkiller will have done its job.  You just want to put your feet up and not cut that grass!  Cut it asap.  Keep it cut ...twice a week as you planned....starting now.  Leave it for 2 weeks and ??ou will have a jungle and the grass is likely to turn yellow.  Highish cut but not too high and keep next few cuts at that height.  Adjust after that to suit what you want

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