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I have lived in Gloucestershire most of my long life and gardened happily. Now have moved up to Edinburgh and have been told - to my surprise - that the greenhouse that I want and need has to have planning permission. anyone else had to do that ?

Some places which are in a designated conservation area do require PP for the erection of outbuildings including GH.  It usually depends on your local authority.

I discovered at one place that even replacing a broken down GH with a new one, I still required PP.  As it was a replacement and I was able to prove that a GH was sited in that same spot previously, the permission was granted ( still cost me £100 tho to apply ! ).

Hope you manage to resolve the problem

Thank you Philippa, we are in a conservation area and I suppose the plan is to stop people putting up  unsightly things in their gardens, still annoying tho. Christmas is coming so perhaps Santa will help out with the planning :-)

Kate - yes it is annoying - particularly if the local authority doesn't always follow up on the "conservation theme"with regard to other transgressions.

As you say tho Xmas not far away - still time to send a grovelling letter to Santa 

Best of luck.

I like the idea of a walk in greenhouse I can pop up for the winter and put away in the spring.

What use are they good for/what's not worth trying?

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