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bought a rhino harvester with 4mm toughened glass from greenhousesdirect, who were very helpful and knowledgable. Safety glass for me was a must and this stuff is strong, I know this because my dog jumped the wall and bounced off of the glass leaving only muddy paw prints behind! Only regret is not getting it in a maintenance free, green powder coat finish, but that was a budget thing. I'd suggest 4 roof vents and a couple of louvres, automatic prevents you from becoming a slave to the greenhouse. The rhino is extremely strong, has a 25 year frame guarantee and really good head room. The low threshold doorway is brilliant, and the frame on the harvester is so strong you can have hanging baskets inside. I obviously recommend greenhousesdirect highly as I've used them, but I've bought staging form TwoWests&Elliotts and they were a pleasure to deal with and staging is extremely good.


Thanks Ann & Adam for your posts - always helpful to hear other people's experiences. Thanks 


Hi Adam,

You commented that the green powder finish is more maintenance free than plain aluminium? Is that so? I had assumed it was just aesthetics so was focussing on the plain but maybe I should give the powder coated more thought?

Does anyone have an opinion on makes? Eg peak v elite v rhino...


Betty Brown Eyes

Hi Lorriane, I bought a second hand GH last year from a lady i work with and i am enjoying it so much, this year i seem to be busier than ever. It is only a small one because I didnt want to spend too much in case I did not enjoy it. Its a B & Q 4x6, so tiny really, but it fits snugly into a corner,and is sooo cosy on a chilly day when the temperature gets up. I sit there like Percy thrower with a cuppa, planting away and talking to myself! I have tomatoes, aubergine, flowers, herbs and enough room for a little buffet!! Enjoy it, and let us know how you get on!  PS If I ever get another, it will be a darned sight bigger 


I bought a Halls Silverline lean-to in spring 2012. The instructions were so bad that we could not make out if the drawings and photos were of the inside or outside. Halls were hopeless at responding to desperate emails and I still don't have the door handle!. My builder set it on paving slabs with some gravel inside as I wanted to plant a fan trained fruit tree, I made my own staging from pressure treated timber (£43 app. for 8' length with a shelf underneath) I have a small water butt at one end. I really recommend safety glass.


Supernoodle - The powder coat finish will obviously still need cleaning, more to stop the build up of germs than anything, but it would be a heck of a lot easier to clean than plain aluminium which has a slightly abrasive finish. The other thing to bear in mind is the quality of the green powder coat. Greenhousesdirect say that they put on layer and layer, heat treated I believe, so that it actually becomes part of the aluminium itself, hence the price of a powder-coat finish. That said, do be really careful when it says powder coat, because some, no doubt, will be a simple paint on job, in which case I doubt it will last 5 minutes.

Makes - I paid for a guy who is sub-contracted to put up Rhino's and he said that there is barely any difference (certainly not enough to justify the price) between the harvester (which I have) and the premium. Both come with 4mm safety glass as standard, both have a 25 year frame guarantee (at least 10 more than I could find else where), vents are included, though louvres have to be added. The customer service was absolutely brilliant. The guy they recommend to put it up even came out just after the snow on valentines day! Elite, the GX range looked very, very good, but for the money and features the Rhino harvester definitely had the upper hand. Hercules also looked very good, but again, less years in guarantee and they actually ended up costing more. This is a major point by the way - do not be fooled into buying a cheap greenhouse unless it really is a budget thing, because they will end up costing a fortune. How anyone can sell a greenhouse without louvres and vents is beyond me, they are a must! And, do consider the base for the greenhouse, mine is drilled into patio paving, but the Rhino and some other makes, come with 2 different types of anchors, meaning you can erect on grass or concrete, saving a fortune in the grass case, as you don't have to pay for a concrete base to be built, they will simply need concrete poured around the anchors, much like a garden feature, arch, etc. so work out prices. Once you have done that, you'll find that the Elite and harvester are great options, if you have the money.

Do think of it as an investment. I absolute love mine and even in aluminium it looks the business. Everyone I know is really, really impressed by the build quality and general aesthetics. Actually, they're green with envy!


Lorraine i have just realised you live in barrow the garden centre at ulverston stocks elite greenhouses you could go and have a look there


That's really helpful, Adam - thanks


adam can I ask, Size of your GH again and cost in total? My 10x 12 with 4 roof vents (2 auto) and 2 auto louvre, with sliding double doors came to about £1500. This also includes barcapping and 4mm safety glass throughout and the 3 sets of staging. I laid the base, and granted, I wouldn't be hanging baskets off the frame, but if I had the choice again, because I looked in envy at the rhinos, I'd buy 3 of mine rather than one of yours.. mainly because they started at like 4 grand, and for the size I wanted was 5grand+. They do look the biz, but when you add bar capping and 4 mm safety glass, stability is sorted. One thing I would change about mine is the roof vents, I've had to engineer some flaps to keep out the rain because half inch holes weren't good, where it joined the main peak truss of the gh. Still glue gun and some spare bits of flashing I had about and it's all good now.


I eat my hat, I've been on the greenhouses direct site, what a difference the recession and 2 years make! Yes they are still more expensive but 2 years ago they were doing 8x10 for like 5grand+ . Guess they have been hit hard, still, can get a real beauty that will last forever for so cheap now! I have to stop looking, my OH will have me for toast!

Probably a sales ploy. Companies by law have to sell something at a set price for 3 months before they can call it a sale. So, for example, a company wants to sell their greenhouse at £1500, but they start off selling it at £2000, (knowing all along that it's only really worth £1500) and then it miraculously appears after 3 months with the 25% off offer! Who can resist?

Will come back with price, am at work and can't remember off top of my head.


It's the price of the staging that's surprising me. Do people recommend the built in stuff?  


If an old lady like myself can make my own staging, anyone can. And it is so cheap to do though I would recommend treated timber to stop it from rotting.


I bought a really cheap wooden shelving unit on offer in a DIY place and made staging out of it and treated it.


Wow, thanks everyone for your greenhouse comments.  Haven't had much time of late to check back here and it was a lovely surprise to find so many new replies.  I have my base in place now so just need to decided what on the greenhouse.  All the above will be invaluable in my decision.  Thanks everyone  


Do the greenhouses need to be cleaned or is that an optional choice? I never thought that a greenhouse frame would be a breeding ground for bacteria.


If anyone is interested in buying a secondhand Rhino Greenhouse that is in mint condition ~only 3 years old~ do let me know.

It`s 6x10 feet, green powdered frame, toughened glass, 4 single roof vents with temperature controlled automatic openers, 2 louvre vents, gutters with downpipes etc. I have two young children and now it sadly sits unused.

Must be collected from West london.

Steve the Gardening Vet

If only someone made an attractive aluminium greenhouse that came with the option of an integrated shed, I am going to be buying a wooden one instead to replace the tatty small aluminium one that came with my house when I bought it!

Steve, there used to be a model made by palram that I once saw in a B+Q store that had a little polycarbonate shed on the back of it. It looked a little flimsy to be honest but would've done the job in a sheltered spot. The best one I've seen was at a garden centre, a wooden one. I think it was in the region of 6ft x 14ft in all and it was a solid bit of kit. It's on here, Swallow Wooden Greenhouses and was called a Kingfisher. It had a door in the greenhouse and then another door in the back, about 4ft deep in all with a little window on the side. If I had the dough spare, I'd be buying one for next year, but alas I don't !