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hi wonder if anyone can help, I want to be able to do some potting etc in the greenhouse but need lighting everything I can see is propagating lighting but I just really want a light, I am probably going to put some kind of heat in there. Any suggestions?

thanks in advance 

plant pauper

I saw a top tip on another thread and couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it myself. Solar lighting if you don't have power to your GH. The chap was talking about ones with motion sensors and they were on Amazon. I'll see if I can find the details.

It's easy to forget, but as your greenhouse is made of glass the light doesn't have to be inside! It may be easier to fit a cheap outdoor lamp.



Do you have an electricity supply in the GH? If not, then camping lights are good. If you do then you can plug in the sort of lamp that you can walk about with that builders use. I have a portable fluorescent light plugged into my GH socket and I've attached it to the roof.

Thanks we do have power so I think a fluorescent tube along the ridge would work? Does anyone see an issue with that?


Providing there are no drips of water leaking in.

Mm think I might go for camping type light, or workman type thing and hang it from the ceiling.

Hi, I was just looking through the site for advice on a light for a greenhouse And came across your post. I'm doing what you were asking advice for a couple of years back, a straight forward light for seeing, and was wondering if you had any joy in finding a solution? 

Hi in then end I went for a fluorescent tube light, I did try solar lights they were okay but not really bright enough!

Okay, thanks

Mike Allen

Cate.  Our forum friends have come up with some great suggestions.  I believe there are several forum threads dealing with greenhouse lighting.  A very simple basic solution is, an extension lead, that is plugged into the household supply run to the greenhouse etc.  If such a simple remedy is used, then perhaps encasing the extn. cable into some suitable outer covering.  Shops like Screwfix do a flexible hose-like casing.  I use this.  For those who want a pucker job done.  It is well worth engaging a qualified electrician.  That way you get a receipt and that acts as a guarantee of the safty factor, so insurance co's will accept any claims.  Best wishes that you get what you want.


Mike ... Read the thread !!! Cate resolved her lighting issue more than two years ago. 

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Thanks for your comments Mike, I'm off to screwfix to get some of that casing you mentioned.

Thats just what I needed.. 👍


Mike Allen
Dovefromabove says:

Mike ... Read the thread !!! Cate resolved her lighting issue more than two years ago. 

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See original post

 Sorry BOSS my apologies.  I bow to your superiority.

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