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Hi, I'm looking to buy a small lean to and looking for recommendations of which one to buy.  The area I'm looking to put it in can catch a lot of wind, hence I'm looking for something that's not too tall that I can maybe attach to the side of my shed which I would hope will offer it some protection.  Any recommendations please


Budget?-wood or aluminum?

either wood or aluminium.  Looking to spend no more that £250 max. thanks


I've got one very similar to Geoff's recommendation, to supplement an 8x6 greenhouse. It's glazed with glass though. The only criticism I have is that it can be a bit awkward to get to stuff behind the fixed front panel, the sliding door gives access, but you do have to be flexible! I overwinter stuff in there, in the summer I can cram in 4 tomato plants. Overall, very useful, I'd hate to be without it.

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