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Anyone use one of the Hawes Professional Long Reach watering cans? Ive wanted one for a while as it would be great for in the boarders, but not sure if the long spout would be a hinerance when using in the patio?





well use your old one for the patio


Probably be quite well balanced LeadFarmer, not your average cheap watering can. I'd imagine it would be fairly easy to use.  As Archiepem says, use your old one on the   patio. 


That what i was thinking archiepem, I dont have one but it looks nice. You are allowed to own two watering can's at the same time.  


ive got five . and dads old galv  one  as well



I like galvanised i remember my grandad using one dunking it in big blue barrels. I use a small galvanised one for my house plants. it sit's proudly on my kitchen windowsill.

The Leek man

I only use Haws watering cans and remember the price reflects the quality of most garden tools.. If you like galvanised cans Haws do some great galvanised cans. Plus in my opinion you cant beat haws roses think its a No2 that comes as standard 


Thanks, its now on my shopping list


I've got the galvanised version, but now I need a new rose for it, as the old one got buried and then corroded.

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