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My 25 year old Honda ride on mower has been condemned!  It has given perfect service while generally beening abused by sons (and me)!

i need a ride on mower with grass collection into lift off bags but my local dealer claims they are now unobtainable as all mowers feature the "dump" facility.

is he correct - or can any reader suggest a suitable machine. The only stipulation is that the machine is not wider than 36" (Needs to go through a gate)

thanks in anticipation



These look like they might meet your specifications:




We have one with no bags as our grass is always too lush and damp and clogs the tubes.  I herd the clippings into a singe line and OH rakes it up and dumps it on the compost heap.

A friend of mine with a larger garden swears by his mulching mower which minces the cuttings up really fine and puts them back on the grass - so fin ethey are invisible except when teh garss is very wet and sticks a bit.    The automatic ulching feeds the grass and I have to say his is very healthy.

Thank you for the incredibly speedy response. The Lawnflight 76E looks as if it will fit bill. Does anyone have experience of trying to collect damp grass with it?

Thanks again


I don't think any are ever particularly good when the grass is damp.  They tend to clog.




I bought my other half a brand new lawnflight two years ago. It cuts well, and is a lot of fun, but the battery died after the first year and we can't have used it more than 15 times. The place where we purchased it says it won't be protected by the warranty because we didn't turn it over every week throughout the winter. I thought this was a bit poor. It also guzzles fuel. On the bright side, it was a handy G&T holder and a funky headlight! 



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