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Does anyone know the name of the greenhouse capillary watering system Adam is using in the 'What to do now' section of the May Gardeners World issue (page 79), please? it's just what I'm looking for.

No its not the system that Adam is using.  His involves pots connected to a reservoir underneath and uses capillary matting to bring the water up from the reservoir. Can anyone help please?

When I was a lad, still living at home, and just into gardening, I once managed to keep my tomatoes watered whilst on holiday for two weeks by using an old beer making barrel, and three pair of my mums tights. The tights had one leg in the water with other end wrapped around tomato plant. All my friendly neighbour had to do was come in and top up the barrel with water and tomato feed. Best tomatoes we had. My mum complained about her missing tights for weeks.
Can't help there but you could try googling watermate. Garden centres often sell capillary matting whilst home lock do battery powered solution for attaching to a tap. Hozelock ac 7000.

I know its not what you were looking for but we have just bought a Hozelock Pro automatic watering kit.  It has a timer on it and will do 20 containers.  The other good thing about it is that you can buy all the extras right down to little packs of drip nozzles and stakes.  Seems to be working really well so far. 


Thank you for the suggestion.  We have now bought a hozelock system for the greenhouse, and are just getting used to how long/frequency to water.

Glad you took me up on the idea.  We are using ours on automatic 4 times a day for 10 minutes each time.  Thats to do our gro-bags and all our cucumber plants in pots. 


I'm using an Autopot system for the first time this year. I have 6 pots at the mo. I can't quite believe the plants are getting enough water but they are growing and not dying!!!

I have a solar irrigation system.  It'ss connected to my largest water butt.  Worked well enough last year and hopefully will again this year

hi iv got a system call the waterguardian its so easy to use i think there on line a got my from a show

I have some seedlings in my greenhouse, some in a propagater.  Is there a way I can keep them watered as I will be away for four days without bothering the neighbours?

Singing Gardener

I find that capillary matting with one end dipping into a reservoir of water works well. You can buy complete systems but it's easy to set them up yourself with trays, washing up bowls, bricks etc. etc. and capillary matting is available very cheaply on the internet (read the reviews though - some of the stuff sold is very flimsy).

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