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I seem to keep getting leaflets for hot composters at the moment.  Anyone use them? Any good?



no idea what they are, sorry. Not ignoring you , but just haven't heard of them.


They are insulated composters that if you get the right mix, heat up and make compost within 1 month.  Take cooked food waste as well as raw and garden.  Wondering if they work as well as it sounds.

if I get one, I'll have to let you all know how it goes!


PS thanks, hostafan. My other thread needs bumping too so was starting to get paranoid!



Hey, I've written so much on my own thread, its become a hot topic!!!

saw an ad was interested can't afford now but interested to hear reviews


You could line your compost bin with sheets of expanded polystyrene. That would keep the heat in better. I use a an old compost bag on top of my heap. Some use pieces of old carpet. Anything that keeps the heat in will help it to decompose faster.


I took part in a Master Composters stand at The Norfolk Show last year. We had a hot composter; the chap from the Council set it up and within 24 hours it was operating at the correct temperature, we know this as he put temperature sensors into the middle of the container; the thermometer that comes with the system only really measures the temperature on the inside of the lid.

I was very impressed by the system, it is fairly new and they are making improvements to it all the time.

Some neighbours of mine were thinking of getting one as they don't feel the Council's system for collecting kitchen waste is very hygenic, but I had to advise them against it as they are away for 3 months each winter and they would probably have to start the system up again each time they come back and I can't see them being organised enough or having the time to do that.

But for anyone els, I would recommend it.


Think I'll put one on my wishlist.  They are not cheap so it'll be a while til I get one and by then they may have improved even further.

Good idea with the polystyrene.  I'm setting up a couple of new heaps so will do that.  Interesting to see what temp I can get with polystyrene and carpet topping. 

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