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 Barbara............almost SNAP

One of our allotment holders is a retired bobby who lives near the allotments and "keeps an eye open".

Unfortunately, he is well known for letting his dog foul the village streets as well as receiving an official warning when his dog bit someone. His allotment is also the untidiest.

So, perhaps Pentillie will have a word with his "ex commando lads"......sounds like they could earn a few bob frightening off allotment thieves and vandals around the country

Peat B
One method of deterring 'rascals' from entering your patch, might be to grow particularly vicious brambles. These have a barbed wire property , and also encourage wildlife, and put off low life. On the other hand, if you are sort of open plan allotments, buggered if I know what the answer is. Rent a tiger ? rent a wart hog ? catapults at dusk ? I realise that my situation is really blessed ! Hedged, fenced and sturdy. We get broken in to only every 2 years on a good year ! ? Nowt stolen really for longer than this. Thieves only take stuff that is easily carried, fenced at a car boot, for whatever price they can get to cover 'hit' of their chemical of choice. A south American, (Argentinian ) bolas can slow them down dramatically, by wrapping around the ankles most cleverly ! Damned cunning, those gauchos !

Some years ago I worked for a while on a site near an urban fringe allotment which must have been a couple of acres, Because of vandalism and theft the city council eventually had to enclose the whole thing with ten-foot high heavy duty mesh fencing and give the allotment holders keys to the enormous padlocks on the massive gates. A sad case.

Peat B
I agree, Joe, but the sight of all the 3 metre high wire mesh would destroy the whole environment and ambience of having an allotment in the first place. Personally, I would feel imprisoned with all that stuff around me,. I feel nearly under siege by the mere small padlock on my gate !
It is unfortunate that society has come to this, but there we are. Taking things to an extreme of situations, if were had an allotments for EVERYONE, there would be some who would want more, and so on and so on ad infinitum. Allotment wars ! OHHH my GAWWWWD ! I wish I had stayed in bed !

Have any of you out there seen the film harry brown ? Or death wish ? That's how you stop the scum 


Peat B
Name your weapon................. parsnips or leeks at dawn !

Feed them asparagus until they can't stand the smell.

OK point taken just an idea how about tie them up and make them listen to miss Cheryl Cole ! That should work or kyle minoge 

Okay, cctv linked to a passive PIR run off a car battery. Simple but effective. Someone breaks the PIR beam which switches on the camera, the light from the PIR lights them up. Smile your'e on candid camera.

Rather than going for a cctv I think it’s better if you buy a spy camera.Cctv cameras gives burglars the feeling of being watched.But if you install a spy camera the burglars won’t know that they are there and are being caught in the act. The footage that you record from these cameras are directly recorded to memory cards. You can also view the video/photo using your pc or tv.If you want to know more about spy cameras you can just refer this article that I got from calgary alarms(

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Peat B

Even if one does put up CCTV and all that paraphernalia, with e'en a memory card FILLED with proof, clear identification and all that, the police are as much use as a choccy tea pot. They don't want to know. Bloody useless !

I may be tempting fate here, but, I have been 'done ' three times by idiots and each time, they have proved to be as brainless as a lab rat. They smashed open my shed door, missed all the good stuff and trundled off with a small box of rusty tools, and left a scene of destruction which I cleaned up in 10 minutes. I now have two heavy padlocks on the double doors of our shed, another padlock on the lotty gate, extension bars with wire mesh on top of the gate, and an 'eye' in a place that someone might hide to watch. This 'eye, I printed out from the computer, and I have had NO intruders since. The 'eye' seems to bring on a feeling of 'unease' and they leave me alone now.

Peat B

Further musings., One could I suppose, have a tape loop that played every 20 minutes, saying softly that 'Jesus is watching'.

think I'll put some kind of spell warning up with a picture of a witch..!

You could try a sign saying 'Beware adders and other snakes'.


plant pauper

This works for me! People are very reluctant to touch my stuff! 

I don't know why it went huge when I posted!!! Still the bigger the better!

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Probably illegal but I'd be tempted to use some electric fencing around the inside of the shed to give them a bit of a jolt, lol. I do know of someone who once electrified the metal doorknob of their shed :/ to protect the motor vehicle inside. Maybe its allowed if warning signs are put up. I dont know what it would be powered by though.

Peat B

Ultimately, if thieves want to get in, they will, despite ANY precautions taken, Police don't give a flying pancake and if you care enough to get all the paraphernalia for securing a Fort Knox type property , then it will be a gamble.If you can afford to lose security investment, then go ahead. I believe it is just  'you pays your money and takes your choice. You could be just as secure by leaving the door open and hope that the thieves think there's nothing worth taking !

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