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Last year some of us at the allotment Im at complained about theives. These theives not only stole my stuff but also damaged the stuff they wont take. Is there any advice anyone can give with regards to deterring them. There were a few poeple talking about getting CCTV cameras last year but no one did anything seeing it was July August time and there is no point anymore. This year Ive looked around and saw wireless CCTV camera kit at BnQ. I went online and found this one cheaper. The only problem is that it needs power. Im thinking of getting the cameras connected to solor power generator as it is wireless I can hide the DVR monitor, so they scums cant follow the cabling to it.


I was wondering if anyone know how to buy a solor power generator for cheap/ think of another way I can power to the cameras. Any advice would be great.




One important thing to check when looking at wireless systems is what they require. Do they run their own wireless network or do they expect to piggy back off the network you have set up at home (normally your internet). A hardwired system though annoying is much simpler to set up in that respect (and cameras can be easily hidden by putting them in bird boxes!)

You might find a standard caravan leisure battery would also be acceptable with a small system and minimal transformers and then charge that with a standard solar panel charger (although one would need to know the power requirements before we could go too much further into it).

An alternative would be building a bespoke system on a raspberry pie with cameras feeding into a external hard drive that would allow you to film and easily access the recordings or even get a live feed remotely (i.e. at home) if you built in a sim card that allowed you access to the internet via an unlimited download simcard on a contract. This might be more effort than you want to put in however!

I would heartily recommend going into the likes of Maplins and seeing if they have someone who could advise you as there might be a set up idea for what you want. You can always take their advise and then hunt a cheaper deal online.

I hope this helps.


Our allotments recently suffered a similar fate when thieves stole power tools from peoples sheds. I am not sure how you can deter the lower ranks of society, if they cover there faces I am not sure how much help CCTV would be.

We have residents that overlook the allotments but the thefts took place overnight.I am lucky in that I only live 100 yds away so dont store any tools on the allotment.

Maybe you could alarm your shed, there are battery powered systems on the market, if the allotments are close to residence then it might put off the casual thieve.

Does your allotment society have insurance, at least it would cover the cost of repairing the damage and replacing tools.

Some years ago at a previous allotment I had, several people suffered from thefts. Two of the allotmenteers were ex commandos, and they spent several nights camping out in of their sheds, both in camouflage gear, and with their faces blacked up.

When two lads finally turned up one night, after midnight, and started helping themselves, filling carrier bags, the 'commando's' came flying out of the shed, screaming like dervishes. The intruders broke all records running, and trying to jump over the fence - the lads let them run, leaving half a pair of trousers hanging from the barbed wire.

After that night, to best of my knowledge, nobody lost another thing.

Extreme measures, but the two ex-soldiers loved it, and everybody else found it great fun - also proved pretty effective!

Well my answer to this would be public floggings they are bound to be family credit wallors won't work no respect 


I remember when some plants were pInched from my front wall and I lay in wait for a day or two...evening or two...with a catapult and hazelnuts as ammo.  The thing is to be invisible after you use it....

I would certainly use a catapult and not worry about the niceties of the law 

Well said Verdun somebody has to make a stand we work all year for our edible delights why should we let these low life's take what's ours ? A call to arms que the music from braveheart ! 

put a gargoyle up and a sign up saying there's a curse on anyone who steals, i did hear a story where someone pinched a garden statue and it was returned as thieves got scared!

just read your post pentillie, brilliant!

I would stay in the shed with a few pals just as pentillie post did but would catch one and send out a warning to them all.Take him home if under 18 years old for his dad & mum to deal with him hopefully. 

maybe put a sign on crops saying 'just sprayed with insecticide' not edible etc. but I suppose they would return. love the commando idea. 

Andy19 wrote (see)

I would stay in the shed with a few pals just as pentillie post did but would catch one and send out a warning to them all.Take him home if under 18 years old for his dad & mum to deal with him hopefully. 

Not sure how you'd persuade him/her to go with you - if you use force/restraint that's likely to be Common Assault in my understanding. 

Dove there's ways & means i would get them there if touched anything belonging to me that's for sure.


Best to get Community Police involved.   If they're slow to react lobby your local councillors - it's the council that pays the police and gives them some priorities. 


Unfortunately they're as likely to be stealing your tools than your fresh veg and the Police who can't act to protect the Allotment can charge you with KIDNAPPING and false imprisonment / GBH if you so much as touch the scotes taking your things. It's all terribly silly but as you'll have seen in the news - its the criminals that get more protection!



If you have a shed and have people nearby who would actually do something* a cheap idea would be to securely fit a cheap rape alarm to the shed door and the pull cord to the shed. If the door gets pulled without first removing the cord it goes off.


*I write this because I turned up to my place of work one day and no sooner was I opening the door being first in as two neighbours (it was opposite a residential area) were rudely complaining that our alarm had been going off ALL night and disturbing them. 

As a lone young lass I promptly shut the door not wanting to disturb the evidence if something had happened and asked them if they'd called the police - they hadn't. They didn't even THINK about calling the police because "what would they do?" (Aside from contact the owner to turn the alarm off? Oh I don't know - check the business wasn't being emptied of its computers?!)

So don't rely on members of the public to act if you install even the best state of the art equipment with sirens and flashing lights!!


The way things are going if the s...s hurt themselves while stealing your property they would sue you and win!!!


Use a car battery,horn, lights too with a pull switch between door and shed NOISE

AND LIGHTS the thieves don't like these.This will only deter the amateurs


Peat B
I have been told by a perfectly pleasant copper that, thieves do NOT like glass. If they have to break glass, this will cling to their clothes and is traceable. It's usually the same persons that do the breaking in, so devise a sort of 'Make it as difficult as possible' system for the twots entering the lotty, I have made my own gate, repaired it three times, and now, it will stop even a determined 'teef man'. It has wire mesh, metal grating, bolted thick wooden bars, some strands of barbed wire, heavy gauge wire, bolt, padlock and an AK47 to slow the bugger down. No problems, and it takes me only 20 seconds to get in with a key !
One of our allotment holders is a local bobby and we still have problems. Lately it is nuisance problems like greenhouse doors going missing, shelving from staging disappearing, seeds going missing and bricks through shed windows. Anyone know where we can borrow some comandoes?