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new to all this would you say decking is best thing to use?

and what did you use to hold decking together?

sorry if it sounds stupid but im new to all this

Steve Worthing your raised beds are looking fantastic, the lettuce seems to love them!


Steve Worthing

Thanks Earl20, everything is coming along nicely at the moment, had my 1st crop of beans and the peas are flowering, getting a bit sick of salad for dinner every night though


Hi James,

The decking has worked out well. All i have done is cut some fence posts and put them in each corner then half way down, fixed the frame with screws, then moved them into place and then secured them with some long nails.

I used decking as i had to remove it from my house as the previous owner had fixed it above the damp proof course. So didnt really research costs, but i have a feeling that ti would be cheaper than gravel boards or similar.




thanks for that i was thinking of using scaffold boards and doing it that way, my only other issue then is the soil, but i think i will cross that bridge when i come to it.. i have heard its a bit of a nightmare trying to fill it..

would you suggest a mix thats good for growing your vegs as yours have shown up really well?!



Steve Worthing

Well i have just pulled , tha last remaining bits out of them. I have to say they have worked brilliantly, providing a range of crops all summer. although i have learnt that you can't grow any kind of squash in them, as they tend to escape

James (sorry for the late reply) i bit the bullet and bought soil in (just off 2 tonnes for around £120) I thought to my self that to justify it, that i would have to have at least 100 salads from them (bags salads in the supermarket are about £1.50) to break even for this year, which i managed with ease, as well as all the other veg harvested from it.

I topped them up a bit with compost from B&Q. I'm not growing anything in them over winter . So going to get some horse manure to spread over the top which i will mix in , in spring. Then after that put some mushroom compost over the top just before i plant out.



ive just purchased a little green house am i right to assume these rasied beds would work in it ? my soil is water logged (this time of year) clay, seems to me i could save a lot of back ache or am i being really naive ? (i am a complete begginer by the way)  thanks





Hi Sue,

Raised beds work anywhere.  I have them in my greenhouse and polytunnel.  The soil heats up quicker in the beds and you don't need to dig them (just stay off the soil).

If your soil is waterlogged don't dig or walk on it - just leave it until it dries out a bit.  Otherwise you can mess up your soil structure and make digging it in the spring even harder (and harder for plants to put their roots through it).


oh thank you for the advise, i need all th help i can get !

I used a lot more wood and soil as I wanted my boxes to be a feature in their own right as well plus I planted Acer and Bamboo rather than just veg plus no issue with bending over/back ache., used 3  foot fence posts as support and cemented them in so this is a perm feature and took 2 of us a whole day to fit it, although we did add decking as well. 



I used pressure treated gravel boards for my raised bed, did not line with plastic, tickled the surface of the heavy clay before gradually building up the level with topsoil (initially) well rotted manure, growing medium (pre-used elsewhere in garden) and homemade compost. Veg bed now has been going strong for about 12 years. Over the next few years, will need to add another layer of timber to make higher raised bed for my old age


I have also made raised beds with decking which works quite well and is functional...

 And Sleepers, which make for a more 'substantial' raised bed...

 But for a different idea which sort of sits between deck boards and sleepers I use old fencing posts stacked alternatively as below to give a nice finish....


 With the 'fence post' raised bed above I added and bench on the end for extra seating.

Another material I have utilised for raised beds and that work well are reclaimed scaffold boards...


 Then just add some gravel to finish off...



And all these were made with reclaimed or 'free to collector' materials!!


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