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 I read this blog quite regulary and have just come across this article that I thought may come useful.

 Maybe abit adventurous this cold easter weekend though!

How to build your own raised beds :

Let me know how it goes if anyone tries it

That looks like it'll be a fun challenge, just thinking if I made one what flowers I could put in it

I think it would be a fun challenge trying to build one in this weather!

Steve Worthing

I've just made some. The previous owner built a wooden deck , but built it above the damp proof course so i had to take it down. So rather than wasting the wood i made raised beds

they are 3m x 1.6m. I just have to line the wood with plastic sheeting and put a antiweeed matting on the bottom tomorrow. and just need to get some wooden stakes to stop them bowing out




How much top soil would you need for a raised bed that large? 3m x 1.6m x .3m  1.44 cubic meters i think 1440 litres.

says that is 3 bulk bags worth, a tonne of topsoil is between 750 Litres  normal, to a blend 900 Litres. They price at between 74 - 86 pounds sterling a tonne depending on what mix it is. 

  Might be worth resizing a little a 3foot wide bed about a meter and 20 cm deep works out at 600 litres.

It seems the biggest cost of a raised bed isn't making it but filling it.

Steve Worthing

Yes , i'm getting top soil (0,75m) at around £74. But will bulk it out with compost and some soil i will have from digging out a patio. So hopefully that should fill them


Hi last year we paid £20 a ton for good top soil £20 for a full tipper of manure for our new raised beds and the winter and worms did the rest, cheap and its now ready to go,  really no need to spend fortunes good luck


Steve Worthing looks really good, you will have to post another pic once it is planted

Steve Worthing

 All lined , plastic sheeting around the outside to help protect the wood from rotting and antiweed membrane to stop weeds and help hold moisture & nutrients (south facing so will dry out quick, if we have a summer that is


 2 Tons of soil later and all ready to go


Steve Worthing this is exactly how I built 2 of my raised beds. They work really well just got to re paint them this summer in an attempt to brighten up the garden. But deck board is a great cheap option to build with.

Steve Worthing thats great thanks for adding those images. Looks like you did a great job

What is the difference between top soil and compost?
Steve Worthing

 So a little update. Raised beds working well. one planted out with Salad leaves and the other has Tomatoes, Sweetcorn (mini) Peas, Beans, Aubergine.

@Alice, not really much differance between Compist and topsoil. I have found that topsoil has a little more things added to it.



That's pretty impresive Steve

Steve Worthing

Thanks Nutcutlet,

 And my Sweetcorn is bigger than Montys


and well caged against marauders

Steve Worthing

Yes, but against Foxes!

My garden is a Fox run to the park behind it. But they love to stop in mine and randomly dig in the raised beds, the little buggers!  So an antifox net has been installed