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What is the best all purpose insect netting for an allotment, one which will be a barrier for onion and leek attacking insects? There is a 0.33mm mesh on the market but it blocks 20% of sunlight and presumably rain too. Is that too much for good growth?

I like to use Enviromesh   It doenst block rain or light   lasts for approz 10 years and you can wash it in the washing machine lol    google it

Thanks Susan. That's useful. Do you know the mesh size? Does it prevent onion fly?

Hi Sheila 5

I bought a net from Harrod Horticultural 3 years ago to stop carrot fly and it works a treat. It is 10 mtrs by 2 mtrs white in colour it does stop 20% of light but allows rain and air through, They also do an extra fine mesh if required.

Thanks Colin, that's really helpful.

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