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I was just wondering if anyone else has problems with using a long reach hedge trimmer for a long period of time. I find them very heavy and have to take regluar breaks. Does anyone have a solution for this? Are there any lightweight petrol trimmers or good back harness to use?


Bought gtech cordless,long reach cutter. Very lightweight. Excellent cut for lightish materials....viz., hedges without too thick branches. I use for a 45' hedge, for longer and higher one at the back and it's very good.  I work fast and a sIngle charge...lithium ion.....enables me to cut one of the hedges with room to spare.  Also use it for trimming holly and other ornamentals like berberis Darwinii, specimen juniper, euonymous,  pittosporums, etc.  the sharp clean cut is perfect for such shaping.  Not the power of electric or petrol but a fraction  of the weight. Can also angle the blade.  So far, I have enjoyed the fun of using it 

ok cheers for that information,

but what would you recommend for all day use of a more heavy duty petrol trimmer?

Think you need to try them out in places like B & Q.  .....hey, don't mean starting them up but ask to handle, lift and feel them.  It's what I often do.  Assume all petrol ones will be heavy though


If you're going to be regularly using a heavy duty petrol trimmer all day for a period of time I'd go to the gym and ask one of the trainers for some exercises to build up your back and shoulder strength, otherwise you're going to be in pain.  



We had a battery one for all the hedges at last house but it was tough doing more than an hour at a time even though it was quite lightweight. It's holding it at that awkward angle  The petrol ones will be very heavy to use long term.

Do you feel that if a suitable harness was to be designed and made to allow the user to fully use the hedge trimmer but would support the weight of the trimmer, this would help?

Billy Goat

Have a look at the Stihl Super Harness, it is quite expensive but it does the trick

You can get a hedge trimmer which has the engine on a backpack so you only have to hold the shaft. Have not used it myself but might be worth checking it out 

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