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Evening guys! I need to start some major lawn renovating and need to start adding some top dressing. I have been looking at buying a lute but they seem really expensive. Does anyone have any ideas of a cheaper alternative? Many thanks!
I use a plank attached to a wide rake.
I'm a bit fussy about my lawn.....I top dress regularly.
How about making one? A triangle of wood attached to a handle.
Or just using the back of a normal garden rake to brush in the compost. This does a good job
Thank you so much for all your great ideas. Like you all I'm a stickler for the 'perfect' lawn. I may just make one like you suggest Verdun and Brumbull. I'll keep you in the loop how I get on with it. Happy Easter all!
My lawn has so much moss, there is no grass left, it's like walking on a thick duvet,

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