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Just saw the following is offer from the 12th March and wondered if anyone had any experience of the product.

I really need to do some work on my lawn and have tried forking over etc before but my lawn is just too big!  Is this type of product  worth the has a 3yr guarantee and 2 different cartridges...any thoughts?


Chris 11

I've got and been using something similar, although I think it's a black & decker one.

They do remove a lot of thatch and moss, but you have to be careful to get the height right so you don't shred the grass too much at the same time.

Ideally you pre-treat and kill the moss first before scarifying, but I've used mine without always doing so.

Mine is only a scarifier, interesting to see how good that Lidl one is in aerating mode.


Looks a great price. Just remember that your lawn will look terrible after using it but will be fine in 4-6 weeks! You can compost what comes out (as long as you have not been using chemicals) but might be best to be put in the council compost bins.

I do not have a local Lidl - closest is 15 miles away.


I would say go for it. We had loads of moss so we scarified first, gives the moss killer a better chance. We then used Westland Weed Feed and Moss killer, works a treat, I wouldnt use anything ese now.


gardenning granny

If it's as good as almost everything else I get from Lidl it will be pretty good.  Their grass seed is excellent, and the granular plant food is half the price of branded makes - the only problem with that though is it is sold in cardboard boxes which absorb the damp in my shed so have to remember to decant into plastic containers.

Be interested to know what you think once you've tried it.


Purchased! I am absolutely delighted with it. Put it tog. ok...instructions not the best - just needed a star screwdriver. Weather good (I'm in the SE  ) so I scarified yesterday and was both shocked and pleased by what came out of the lawn.

Easy to operate. Cartridges fiddily the first time you change them but after, no problem - 2 screws.

Today I aerated - the lawn now looks like a ploughed field but I know that it won't for long. Grass seed and  hort.sand/top dressing next. I have never been so enthusiastic about my lawn 

young codger

Hi Daintiness,

I`m pleased that you are satisfied with your purchase. Personally I would have liked the electric motor to have been a bit bigger. 1200W is not that big for a garden machine. (Smaller than a lot of vacuum cleaners). Go steady, and don`t force it,so reduce the risk of burning the motor out.  

As an aside,  if you across any GERMAN stuff in Aldi it tends to be VERY good quality (I`ve never seen or bought anything to attract me in Lidl). I got a very good digital cam corder from Aldi in 2010 GERMAN made. Great picture quality, and good customer support via the Tel number which is in Germany of course. I`ve don`t think the Germans make anything that is less than great quality. I`ve got no connection to Germany or anything, but just sharing my thoughts.

Best Regards, Hermle  


All I can say is go for it. They are really good at refunding if you are not happy. You just have to remember to keep the receipt. My brother in law bought a small rotovator from them some years ago. Just inside the 3yr period he got it out of the shed to prepare the ground and found it was faulty. He took it back and they refunded with no argument at all. I think they are great value, good quality and first rate customer service.


Hi young codger, would you be reassured to know that it is German? Haven't gone out to the garage to find a made in Germany stamp but the company is German and so is customer services. The product will only go as a long as its motor....and it hasn't had to strain at all. Got my receipt and my 3 year guarantee. I am a very satisfied customer.

I also find Aldi very good and I think I am in my 4th year of enjoying watching great tits rearing their young on a camera bird box purchased there.


We got our TV from Lidl aver 6 years ago and it is great. Half the price of the same model in Tesco so very satisfied customer.

young codger

I will go down there then with an interest in buying one. Can you tell me Daintiness, how deep does it go down in to the lawn with the scarrifying?

I`ve often thought of trying to find an alternative to the garen fork. That machine maybe just the job then. I`ll mention you when I go in my local store.


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