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Hi I'm trying to find what I believe is a long handled shovel used for opening drills for potatoes etc. These t??ls used to have a long wooden handle wit has a bent handle to enable the user to the head level/flat while passing it to create the drill. Please help

Sorry, but I've not the faintest notion what you're talking about Jamie.

Do you mean a chillington hoe?

Do you mean something like a giant decorator's shave hook, which you can draw across the soil to make a V-shaped trench?

michael mpc

hi Jamie just noticed your note if you log on to wolf tools you will find what you are looking for I have a hoe drill for making a furrow for spuds ( long handled shovel   a  good garden centre I got 2 about 4 trs ago  one for me and a xmas present for big sister she loves it saves your back (  £20ishpounds then ) you can find all sorts on wolf tools  I have about 6 items    hope it helps  

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