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Hi all, I want some new loppers and wondered if people had recommendations.  Need to chop down overgrown ivy coming over from next door, not large stems but old and tough.

Also would bypass or anvil be best for all round performance?

Many thanks.

Wilko do a cheap lopper (about ???4) which will do the job providing the growth is not too thick.

Bypass are for cutting live growth, anvil for dead growth

Hi daisy, I am getting some from Wilkso as Igrow says...saw them yesterday for £4....


hi all thanks for replies...I do have some from b&q I bought years ago very cheap, don't mind paying a bit more this time around if they're good


Garden centre are a good place to buy good ones...that is where I would go..



I've got Fiskars Powergear, they are amazing.  Really light and easy to use if you're not that strong.


I have Wolf loppers for stems up to about an inch thick.  for anything else I use a Wolf pruning saw attachment on one of their handles.  Very good.  Had both for about 25 years and still going strong.


I have had Wilkinson Sword bypass loppers with a ratchet for years. They are brilliant and very light.

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