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Well not out of nothing.....

I have just made a new planter to go outside from the wooden slats on my old bed, and wondered what other projects people had done made of things reused or salvaged from junk.

Here are a couple of pics.


 This was made a little bit harder due to the slats being sprung, so i had to do two side with in and two sides out, if that makes sense.

I love the satisfaction of re-using stuff for planters; I have wildflowers in the back of

an old Tonka truck {other trucks are available!),  fuschias in an old metal extraction 

pipe and old kitchen utensils are never thrown out...lots of saucepans and

colanders are great as hanging baskets.

Love the Tonka truck, would like to see a picture.

If I ever master the art of posting pics, I shall do so. ..


Have a Busy Lizzie in an old lantern




I love the lantern Sue- I would just use it as one! 

Know what you mean about the curvy slats Singy - good job!

I've used an old plastic toybox to make a tiny sunken pond in a bed at a previous house. Complete with oxygenators, equisetum, bog plants and rocks for the tads to get out when they became froglets!


We've been offered a wooden stacking compost bin, 4 tiers, we already have 4 Daleks and don't have space for wooden thing..any ideas for alternative use folks? Don't want to miss an opportunity and I'm not the most imaginative.

Great Singy & Sue 

kef, depending on the size of the stacking parts, i might try to make a stepped planter of some sort, always have the opportunity to use it a composter again then.


Why not do the same as Singy and make a planter. Great for herbs or maybe for something you like but can't grow in your own soil  


Thanks for ideas S & F. I need to go and look at them, but I might have a cunning idea..a cold frame is required. More than likely too big as they are, I will see. Wonder if Mum would miss one of her garage windows?

Hubby will need subtle encouragement to make one as he has a few projects on the go, not least digging out and making some hard standing in front of the shed, well freebie plants need somewhere to stand and some block paving at the front of the house. Maybe a nice pasta meal and a good bottle of red will do the trick, I'll mention it after the wine has been drunk.


I use an old col scuttle for my lettuce!



make that a coal scuttle!!

Little weeeed

I used an old loo and cistern fixed to the back wall of my garden and planted a cordyline in the loo and taking plant in the cistern.  Got a lot of attention from the neighbours. Alas it fell to bid after a couple of years of frost.





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