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And whatever the question was, please have another go.  I have morning glory seedlings which are threatening to take over my house, and am not sure what to do with them next !

24/04/2013 at 20:13
My question was do I need to pinch out growing tips on my morning glory seedlings? Hope you can see my post this time!
24/04/2013 at 20:14

Try pinching out the tops so they get a bit bushy?   Works for sweet peas.  Whatever you do, don't put them out until the last frosts in May.   You could start hardening them off by moving them outside by day but always bring them in at night.  They really don't like to get cold.

24/04/2013 at 20:18
I've gardening for years, but never had much success with seeds. Have pinched my sweet peas, now waiting for the warmth of the sun to arrive.
24/04/2013 at 20:47

I think we're all having a similar problem-seeds and young plants taking over the house but if there's no greenhouse or something to put them in the temptation is to stick them out and it's really too soon for most of the country. It's worth persevering as it would be a shame for everyone's hard work to go to waste if plants are stuck outside  and then die.

24/04/2013 at 20:49

Not sure as only growing these for the first time this year, I would pinch out a couple and see how they do, if all good then I would do the rest. They remind me of nasturtians


24/04/2013 at 21:11

I'm growing them and chopped the tops off, partly because they were getting uncontrollable. I'll report on the results.

24/04/2013 at 21:21

mine are going a bit yellow on thr leaf am tempted to move them on to taller pots they are in root trainers and showing no signs of needing repotting but feel they need more feed

24/04/2013 at 22:22

I've grown Morning Glory for years - I've never pinched the tips out - I grow them as I do my runner beans, up a wigwam, and treat them very similarly - except Don't eat the Morning Glory! 

24/04/2013 at 22:30
I am trying to grow some from seeds harvested from last year's gorgeousness I bought from local garden centre. I loooooved it so much, wondering if they'll do anything.
They're in t'greenhouse now, popped them in 3 days ago... How long do they take to germinate? Impatient, I know!
24/04/2013 at 22:32

Mine, in a warm place, took 4 days.

24/04/2013 at 22:36
Seriously? That's awesome! Rubbing fingers together...
25/04/2013 at 07:38

I have always found that if I sow my morning glories too early they have become out of control monsters before it is safe to plant them out. Therefore tend to sow around the start of May so they can be planted out early June.

25/04/2013 at 07:45

That's helpful, Cuf and PD. Carlisle is probably colder than here, though maybe not as wet. Dry cold is not as damaging as wet cold, maybe? I haven't grown them before, usually preferring to stick to perennials. I'm experimenting with annuals this year, just to bump up the amount of colour in the garden. I'm hoping to get a longer flowering season from annuals that I would from most of the perennials (with the exception of hardy fuchsias, osteospermums and some cranesbills).

02/05/2013 at 20:17

Thank you for all your advice.

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