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Good Afternoon

I like many watched with interest on one of last years GW programmes about gentleman who used nettle fertilizer for his tomatoes and with excellent results, and I see that Monty is trying the same this year.

I reaserched the method on the net and am now using it,And I am very impressed with the results. I am mixing as suggested at a 1-10 ratio and feeding tomatoes midweek with it, at the weekend I use a feed of Tomorite.

I am also feeding all my Brassicas with it and this is where I have noticed the greatest improvement as after a couple of days I can see a diference in the plants.

I can certainly recommend it and would be interested to hear if anybody else out there is having similar results


Hi Colin, Nettle fertilizer is high in nitrogen, so will suit the brassicas well as they need lots of it.  Do keep using tomorite on the toms too though as the nettle stuff isn't so good in the phosphate department.  For that, comfrey feed is better.


I agree with bob.

Nettle = Nitrogen= lots of green leafy growth.

Comfrey for stuff that flowers like beans, and tomatoes.

flowering rose

I use nettle ,comfrey and sea weed.All free and work wonders.

Peat B

Got 6 cpmfrey plant plugs last year, by post, and they are a veritable forest now ! Great stuff, and will blend with nettles to make a good soup for the toms, courgettes, peppers.


I have recently made comfrey fertilizer ..what a pong..I'm using it on my roses which were newly planted last winter trying to give them a helping hand. I still use tomato fertilizer on my dahlias, haven't yet got confidence on my own brand stuff as yet. 

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