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Hi, I have just planted three seeds per cell in cheap little covered seed trays and sat them in my kitchen window. Then two days later I read advice saying that you should put them in a warm airing cupboard until they germinate and then resite them to a window. Should I try this at this point or just leave them. Also I am wondering about watering. Gave them a second spray from the watering can and everything shifted - Duh!


Nope, leave them. Keep the compost moist not soaked, otherwise the seed will rot.

Putting them into a carrier with the handles loosely tied helps conserve moisture until germination, take them out once it starts though. I use the carrier bag method for all my seeds  - stops them from drying out.

Green Magpie

If they still haven't appeared, you can cover the top with cling film until they do, so they won't dry out. But remove it once the seedlings emerge.

I have a little bottle-top sprayer that fits on a 2L pop bottle, and is ideal for giving a fine spray on seed trays etc. Can't remember where I got it, but you can probably get them in garden and plant centres etc.

Thank you all for your advice, it is very reassuring. They will remain on the window sill and I will try a finer spray and be careful not to overwater. Thanks swisssue for the link - will follow that up.

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