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Hi Everyone

My back garden is a Lumpy, Hard, Uneven mess of a lawn. There are hard tufts of grass in places to thinning or bear patches. At about 10-15cm its a thick clay like material & the garden itself is 10mx7m in size.

I've had enough!! so i have a plan but being a complete noob to gardening i thought id lay my grand plan out and let everyone here tell me why thats the wrong way to do it....

* Hire a rotivator and thouroughly rotivate the garden until i am left with as fine a soil as i can get.

* Rake the soil until i'm left with as even a surface as i can get

* Plant grass seed using a seeder

* Re-Rake and Roll the garden

What am i missing, forgetting, unaware off or doing wrong? I'd like to hire the rotivator for next weekend so i want to prepare and research as best i can.

Any advice would be appriciated.



Hi mav359

I would turn over, by hand, this area.  Trench in the grass ....placing upside down... In the trench.  No need to dig too deep, say 12" or so.

Then rake, level....using a wide rake or lute....and rake, tread, rake and tread.

If you can incorporate some compost, dried manure etc so much the better

Then add fertiliser and rake in.  

Seed ....half one direction and lightly rake, then half the seed sown in another direction and rake.

My lawn is bit bigger than yours but I also then pinned down fleece until germination....10 days to 2 weeks.

Lightly water and keep moist until germination

This is what I would do....what I did.

Don't like rotovator or roller

cheers for the advice



Good luck MAV 

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