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Hi. We bought a house which had a front garden that had been left to nature for many years. Brambles, nettles & weeds galore. Unfortunately the elderly lady who lived there was unable to tend to the garden or had any family to help. The front garden is approx 10m x 30m with a fall of approx 2m over its 30m length. I stripped everything down to ground level last year. It's part of a much larger house renovation and the gardens to the side and rear of the house are larger and were in an even worse state than the front anyway, what do I need to do to prepare the ground to lay turf over the area. There'll be borders and beds eventually. I know at some point I'll have to compact the ground but I don't fancy shuffling over such a large area by foot! What are my alternatives? I do own a 'whacker plate', is that to extreme? Many thanks
Ok...I can see nobodies interested in this one. If anyone knows if its been covered before, a link would be great.
Hiya shilo
I wouldn't use a whacker plate.
I would use a lute and wide rake. I know it seems daunting but regular levelling this way and levelling and walking.....ok that shuffling bit is uncomfortable but I think is worth it....will get your levels.
My front lawn is now about 10 x 12 metres so considerably smaller but that's wht I did.
Has ground been turned over? Preparation is so important
For me, fork over, rotavate, the ground, add some compost if you can, and use the lute to level and remove debris.
It's such a satisfying project though and well worth the toil
Would like to hear how you get on shilo
Thanks Verdun. Sorry for the delay in replying, I've been away.

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