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08/03/2014 at 11:58

Hi all, after months of surfing the net and physicaly looking at mowers of different types and asking advise, i have just purchased a Qualcast self propelled petrol  148cc 4 stroke 46cm cut, Briggs and Stratton engine ,single lever height adjustment mower,from Homebase, £199. the price seems very cheap for a self propelled mower but Qualcast seem to be well recommended , so i will use this machine or Kate will,  and report back after our last cut this year  and give anyone who might be looking for a mower by then a full report of if its good or not.


08/03/2014 at 18:27

I hope yours works better than mine!  Purchased middle of last year and the engine barely ran above a tick over.  Anything resembling long grass and it stalled. I contacted Qualcast and in fairness they got back to me very quickly.  The problem is that the only way to adjust the running speed of the engine is to remove the air filter and bend a piece of metal connect to a spring until you are happy with the engine speed!  Not the best of solutions I think you will agree.

It's impossible to do the job with the engine running so it's a case of bend metal lug, start engine, bend metal lug, start engine, bend.....  until you're happy.  That doesn't guarantee that it will actually be OK when you start mowing.  So it could be a case of off with the air filter again, bend.........   Stupid design

10/03/2014 at 10:07

Thanks for that KT53 I will have a look at that  cheers matey..

13/03/2014 at 23:38

 Alan, the throttle of any Briggs I have had works off a wind vane pushed by the throttle speed. The flywheel/magneto has fan fins so the faster it spins (the faster the engine turns) the further the throttle wind vane moves out - this decreases throttle slowing the engine. Get into heavy grass the engine slows so the wind vane moves towards the flywheel and the throttle is increased.


 This is a simple dynamic system that increases throttle as rpm's decrease (a load slows the engine so it throttles up).


KT53, your throttle governor spring has probably fallen off and needs replacing. Briggs are a great cheap engine, what ends up killing them is the mower body rusting away.  Using petrol stabilizer over winter is the only maintance it should ever need. (wash the underside before storing too to keep moisture minimized.)

13/03/2014 at 23:59

as a professional gardener for over 25 years, I'd never buy anything other than Honda.


14/03/2014 at 00:54

Mowers.  So many to choose from nowadays.  OK. Each to their own and  the controlling factor...the purse strings.  It really must be a prblem for many.  Thankfully.  Mike has no grass to cut.  However I am still interested in cutting/mowing.  I was at Kew, a few days ago.  Bright sunny day, much activity with the groundstaff.  In front of the Palm House, the troops were cutting trimming and titivating in general.  I was so shocked.  Kew Gardens.  The epitomy of horticultural whatever.  A member of the groundstaff, going back and forth with a rotary mower.   Hey mate.  This is a display bed. BANG goes my membership.  Truly what I am attempting to get over is.  What kind of grass area do you wish to cut.  Then choose your mower.  Big boys love big toys.  So if you have a large garden and lots of grass. The big boy will want a ride on mower.  Fair do's.  It will get the job done quick and easy.  Stand back and consider.  Yes,it is a large grass area.  Now compare.  Had te same expance been cut usuing a Dennis 36.  The the comment would have been.  Wow! what a fine lawn area.  For the smaller area say a bowling green.  A Ransom certese.  That really gave the ultimate cut.  It was a cylinder mower, having sixteen cutting blades. The maximum.  Mind you.  If you had a lawn cut by this machine.  KEEP OFF.

14/03/2014 at 09:06

Wise words, as ever, Mike. You comments reminded me of my early days as a professional gardener.

I had a client once who claimed " the road to the perfect lawn is the self same road as that to bankruptcy" 


14/03/2014 at 10:29

Morning all ,now this what i call a good chat with good information,iv got my eye on the Governor spring,now can you explain the petrol stabilizer ,i have it with the new mower all waiting for me to oil up, petrol up, and fire up, obviously i can read the can but it sounds very much like a good few people here know what they are talking about,so how and when to use it  please ,and when finished for the winter do i fill up or syphon off the petrol tank, many thanks for all the info  Av a gooden.. Alan 

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