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sorry if this is in the wrong section but i am looking for a nut for a water butt tap.


i bought a tap to convert an old dustbin into a water butt for i seem to have lost the nut for it and havent been able to find a supplier other than places that want to sell me the whole tap.


anyone know where i can get jsut the nut please?



Steve the Gardening Vet

Depending where you are in the country there may be a supplier who does mainly nuts and bolts and sells all bits separately. There certainly is one in Farnham.

probably should have said, i am in Birmingham.


there was a place i went to years ago that did nuts and bolts but not sure if still there and dont think they did plastic ones anyway



Check your Yellow Pages (or internet equivalent) for an old fashioned ironmongers near you. They often sell things like this loose so you can buy just one rather than a bag of 20 from B & Q. If it's a nice shop they don't mind if you take the tap in and ask - so you make sure you get the right size. 

Wish there were lots more shops like this still around....

it is a plastic tap if that makes any difference?


JPS try a local plumbers supplier, take the tap with you, they will probably have them for use with the new plastic toilet systems nice and cheap,

excellent idea, thank you

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