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 Made these today from recycled bits and bobs.



Heard about thiis on local radio this morning Lisa. 


and you can use old bras for hanging melons in to keep them off the floor. ...of course it helps if you have a big bust.   and my sisters never forgiven me for it.


Lily! Tsk! Fidget! Naughty step please! 

What are the bottom ones made from Lisa? They look really good 



I got  banned from growing melons after that.

Tights, bits of sisal, wool and bits of fabric. Anything that's man-made and wont rot. But the basic construction is just tights, the other stuff is just for decoration. And if you want to make a large one, you have to use the gusset section. I'm planning a vertical herb garden using them.


They look really good 

They look great might have a go at making some this weekend

David Matthews2

Having seen the wondrous creations featuring old underwear, I'm currently musing on the likely horticultural reuse or upcycling of multiple pairs of 'condemed' longjohns, string singlets and non-elasticated Y-fronts in my possession?? *Those of a sensitive disposition may wish to avoid this topic in future, should my 'musings' become reality...

You could use the long johns as hanging tomato planters. I'm not thinking about your skanky old trolleys, there are some things I don't need an image of. No offence.

David Matthews2

'Nuff said, Lisa. Any 'pics' will be for private consumption only!

Chris B

Tie cut off old tights/stocking to the inlet pipes of your waterbutts, and empty them periodically, thus keeping the water clean and making it easier to keep the butt clean.

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