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how about some euphorbia in your full sun patch? there are lots to choose from (decisions, decisions), quite a range of colours and sizes. My particular faves are Silverswan (medium size, silvery foliage) and mellifera - this last one not particularly dazzling to look at but has the most wonderful scented flowers in early spring. Grows quite tall and multi-branched over time. It will tolerate light shade as long as it gets sun for a good part of the day.


i have the same trouble.. new path going in and some nive big new borders to fill but i have taken cuttings etc throughout the last year or two ready for this anticipated event.. so loads of plants just small.. and hoep they pick up for next year.. cant wait to see how it all looks..

and i am sure i will have to move some!

Diana, gold flame is a yellow shrub in early spring, for me at any rate, and then makes a orange mound.  I remove  would be flowers by clipping a couple of times during the season.  It makes a superb foliage shrub that grows almost anywhere.  It quickly forms a medium size shrub.   There are other yellow spireas too.  Try euphorbia Polychroma .....this is a fantastic looking plant throughout spring and early summer making a mound of sulphur yellow flowers and is so easy and reliable.  Get Anchusa Lodden royalist in alongside or behind for a (corny) brilliant yellow and blue association.  You will get some good comments..... I guarantee it


Hi guys,

This is the thread that from which you helped me with my new border last year.  And here it is....




Needs to knit together a bit more but it is its for its first season. Thanks all!

The space at the front is for a low hedge  - planned to go it this autumn.  Ypou've also helped me choose that (another thread(.


Cor, my typing went a bit wrong there!



Looking good Snoodle   Which achillea is that?


It's Terracotta (from  If you look carefully you may also see some lilac wisps in front (re other thread...should be red...)


Dove, the Bonica is top right of first photo.

Victoria Sponge

Looks wonderful Supernoodle 

You must be very proud of your efforts

I like that achillea too and are those the shasta daisies I saw on another thread?


Plan is to put a Standard Rose (got my eye on Grace - apricotty colour) behind the Bonica. 


Yes, Victoria Sponge (you always make me hungry ), they are the Shasta daisies.  Two of the three keeled over in the heat and Verdun and Nut helped me deal with them.  They were pot bound and hadn't established into the border soil.  Cut back now and hoping they'll recover. Not much sign of growth but still green so not dead yet!  

Victoria Sponge

I'm sure they'll be fine - clump 3 looks right as rain

I'm a bit hungry too now you mention it...

Looking good there Supernoodle ..  Like it a lot ......planted achillea terracotta recently too.  Easy to dIvide too.


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