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...papier mache egg boxes...shredded paper   and 'Garotta' or similar from GC...


I have 3 daleks - love the idea of giving them names Holliehock, one is ready for use, one rottong and one being filled up. I used to have 2 but now know more about it bought a 3rd last year. I have one of those compost turners. It's like a walking stick with propeller type things at the bottom. You shove it in, turn a little then as you pull out the propeller type things open out and turn and aerate compost. I am not physically able to tip compost out so find this works for me. I get loads of worms - handfuls -so must be doing something right. I have started adding beer/cider to the heap as well ie if its stale! 

Oakley Witch

That sounds like a handy device Rosa. Is it good to add worms yourself???


The worms in my daleks come from a couple of shovels of fresh horse manure placed in the base of the bin.

Oakley Witch

Hehehe, love the wee glasses on your smiley face. Very scientifically encouraging. Thats good. I will see what I can find then. I have just been told to make sure the wireworm from the bare grounds doesnt make it in the bin  or it will be useless.



Because there was alot of debris in garden and stuff decomposing I knew the worms had to be pink so if i saw a pink worm I picked it up and through it in compost with everthing else. that was when had one bin, now they breed prolicly and in the bin that is 'cooking' I am finding handfuls of them on the lid so I just scoop them into the current bin. I bought the compost turner from a mail order company -Coopers.

Had to be one on amazon. Mine only has one handle shaped bit like a walking stick

Caz W

Bjay - do the worms have to match your wheelbarrow?????


Got my compost turner from the Centre for Alternative Technology in South Wales, a good place!

hollie hock

I've chucked in carboard,old envelopes/letters (without plastic) scraps of fruit and veg, old compost,plant roots,old plants/flowers,leaves.

I'd forgotten until reading this tonight that I put worms in there as well.

The turning gadget sounds great as does the progressive darleks (Monty's)

Oakley Witch

Im sure Monty would love a wee tickle every now and again 

I am getting a little obsessive now and just chased the OH round the living room for his clementine skins and banana skins. Hes an retired Pro Ice Hockey Goon so he eats loads of healthy fruit and veg. There is now a sign in the fruit bowl saying all fruit waste in the celebrations tub, ready to go down stairs to the black bin 

He says I have gone loopy lol.


T bags, tea, banana skins very good, shredded paper, built in layers, when you get it again just a layer of lawn clippings about 3ins deep, kitchen roll (not greasy). I've got a bin on window ledge by sink so all veg waste t bags etc go in/ It's habit.


My vacuum cleaner which is bagless; that gets emptied into compost bin.

I love the idea of naming the bins - Tristram and Trilby? Benedict and Beatrice? Any ideas?

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