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Hey hang on, i have just read the article on wikipedia and it mentions North America, which is on same latitude as north lincs  so there...

I have used a cordless rechargeable Bosch mower for past 3 years.  It has lithium ion battery and can cut my lawns twice on one charge.  Lightweight, rear stripes....and rotary.  Fantastic little mower.

I have 2 lawns plus small area of grass.  My front lawn measures approx 13 metres by about 10.....I cut into it to increase size of my borders....and a lawn in back garden that's prob half this size. My mower will cut the two lawns twice on a single charge.  Charging takes about half an hour.

I keep my lawns cut ...twice a no overly long grass for the mower to deal with but it does effectively hack at the small area of grass.



the coarse grass will be couch, damn stuff gets everywhere. Still, it's not that keen on being mowed once or twice a week.

Highland Jeannie

Hi Verd, we have that Bosch rechargeable & OH (aka "Mower Man") is very pleased with it. He can just about cut all the grass if there's very little to come off, so he usually does part then recharges over lunch, then finishes.

He does have 1 gripe, though - there's no indicator when the power gets low - it just dies "mid-stripe!!"   We looked at the cost of a spare battery ....... so didn't get one!

Brummie,hi, couch, or twitch as it's known up north won't survive on a lawn as you rightly say it doesn't like being cut.

Still haven't used new mower yet,waiting for some height which goes againest the grain. Have always cut it short but thought i would leave it a while see if the coarse grass will stand up and yield to the blade !



If it's couch (and it probably is ) give the lawn a  quick going over with a spring tine rake before mowing - that'll pull the couch up to the surface and when you mow it'll get cut off even shorter - it won't like that at all 

itsnotmyfault wrote (see)

Bought a Honda.  I heard that the reaason so many Honda cars on the road due to folk beng impressed with their mowers... bah

We bought a Honda about 5 years ago as we were moving to a house with a much bigger garden. A huge mistake - we have had nothing but trouble with the carburettor. Have replaced it, but still won't work properly - seems to be a common problem with them I give up usually and get our old Hayter out (almost 30 years old) - it's not a ;driven' model, but I'd rather use it than the Honda For the rest of the garden that isn't lawn, I use our Westwood ride-on mower. I'd love to use it on the lawn, but there are so many areas it wouldn't reach it isn't worth it.

Daisy, think you probably right, just sold my old qualcast that really did start first pull, my honda doesn't. Rang the dealer to ask if the new engine will loosen up with time, he said no, not like they used to, then he just went on telling me they are good starters, well mine isn't! Says he sells alot to women because they can start them ok 

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