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Monty uses black plastic mesh crates for transporting pots with seedlings / cuttings around the garden - any ideas on where to buy these crates from ? done a number of searches online and can't find anywhere that sells them.


We used to buy them From Gordon Rigg's near Todmorden, but never seen them on sale anywhere else.


We often get them when we get take away curries. I do seem to have rather a lot!


We use them at work- think they're bread baskets but nurseries use them so perhaps if you have a friendly nursery near you they might sell you one or two. Failing that - try your nearest bakery!!

Punkdoc- what size of curry do you get... 


Well I do seem to be putting on a bit of weight!



...I'm not sure what Monty uses, but perhaps these are what you are looking for.... I'm posting this link, not sure if it's allowed but we must take these risks...

at Asda... they fold flat too, and I think they're very useful also for doing your shopping instead of using plastic bags...

look at the 'fold flat crate'... 2 for £5...


I use those fold flat crates for all my equipment when I'm working; they are pretty strong. It's a good idea to have 1 or 2 in the car in the spring for when you are out buying plants. Round the garden I tend to use seed trays (ones without holes - then you don't get dripped on)

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