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Are there any tips for getting 1 litre plastic hand sprayers to work. I always seem to have problems with mine. Just bought a new one. Does not work. Any help anyone.


There's a small filter at the end of the tube that goes in the liquid-if that gets clogged then it wont work-try cleaning that out?


Have the same problem eddie and have never worked out why.

I have the same problem, now I just wait till I have finished a bug or fungus spray wash them well and throw them away when they stop working.
Highland Jeannie

When living near London area the one that I used for ironing kept getting clogged with limescale, I wiggled a pin in the holes.

If you shake it & it's only half full it's easy to get air into the tubing.

I agree though, they are temperamental!!


I think the secret is to wash out immediately after use.....but, who does that?
However, unscrewing g the spray head and brushing the tube end that sucks up the liquid and soaking in hot soapy water usually works for me. I have a decent sprayer that I rarely use but I buy cheapo sprayers for a pound or so and try to keep them going forever.

Same problem as everyone else.  Hand sprayers are possibly the most unreliable gardening product on the shelves!  The only one of mine which keeps working reliably is a pump-up type which cost a small fortune.

chilli lover

Now where is that chap who wanted to reinvent the lawnmower? (I approve!) Can we start small scale with this problem ?


You have turned that bit on the nozzle where the water comes out of; to open, haven't you. Also, on some bottles you have 2 options, spray or jet by either twisting the nozzle to the left or to right. When doing this, keep pressing the little lever/handle until the water comes out. Hope you don't think I'm being funny or out.

I have bought them in the past though, and after 2 months use, just break. Which is really annoying.


Same problem as everyone else so I have bought the cheapest available and treat them as disposable. A few years ago I bought a gadget at a garden show which you screw onto any empty plastic drink bottle to convert it to a sprayer. This is easier to clean if it clogs because it all unscrews for washing although I have noticed that it doesn't seem to clog as often as a conventional sprayer. The pressure is generated by a pump action so maybe the extra pressure forces through any air locks ot gunk.

If you only need a small amount of stuff to spray, use an old kitchen or bathroom spray.  You can keep these wherever you need them (remember to soak the lable off and use a permanent marker to write what's in it).  If you need a bigger sprayer, check ebay's daily/weekly deals.  I think they have a 5l knapsack sprayer on there for under a tenner (delivered).  You can also try ASDA, now's the time they have them in, got a 3l sprayer last year for my glyphosate, was under a fiver.


I've found these little dental brush thingys (after intial use) are very good for cleaning out blocked nozzles.


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