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Thanks for that. So simple. Much better than wrapping whatever we can find - bubble wrap /old tea towells around it. 

Will do it later today



dovefromabove  that is one cool idea, could have done with that idea years ago when frost were real frosts, its a really good idea, Dragons den next maybe  ? nice oneD



That's my sort of technology! Now to hunt out flower-pot, bubble wrap, bungee and quick clip.


Bungee is the problem. Son has used them for whatever mysterious purpose he has. Prbably to ie up his piano accordian to transport it. Will tackle him later.



A thick rubber band would do to be going on with, bjay.

I just used bubble wrap and an old sock and made sure I left the tap open-bish, bash, bosh.

Like it! Need to get a bungee, but will be making said tap cover. Thanks Dove

What a lot of trouble just to stop an outside tap from freezing  my outside tap has another tap in doors under the kitchen sink on the same pipe, I just turn the inside tap off and drain the pipe going outside untill it's needed again in the spring, easy peasie..  


So does mine Zoomer, but not everyone's does - and anyway, we have uses for water outside which aren't just to do with watering the garden so it may be more convenient not to drain and shut off the tap - to be honest having just moved here last year we totally forgot to protect the tap, and escaped without any problems, but I don't want to risk it two years running.

And anyway, making that little device might be a lot less trouble than moving all the saucepans etc from the cupboard next to my sink where my little tap-thingy is 


Just covered my tap. Found bungee looks neat as well. No fear of it falling off. Thank you for that tip. Am going to pass it on to non- forum family 

Last year we bought an outside storm tap cover from DIY shed.£5.98. did what it was supposed to do very well. Much the same design as on the utube video


Indeed, there are plenty of tap frost protectors about in any DIY shop for less than a fiver - but this is indeed appropriate technology - I'd use thick garden wire rather than a bungee, but that's just me maybe.

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