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I was at Tucker Seeds Organic Open Day yesterday and the head gardener was using a unique push/pull hoe (there was no name on the hoe).  I have search the internet and to no avail.  It really looks like a useful tool and I want one!  It's a combination of a Warren and dutch style.  Anybody any ideas?  Thanks in advance.


I have the Wolf system and have two of the 15cm wide push me pull you heads and recently found the 10cm one in teh UK as it's not sold in Belgium.  Very useful for cleaning between roaws of veggies and salads and the smaller head is good in the borders while new plants are getting established.

I also have handles in various lengths so can use the heads standing or kneeling depending on where i'm working.


I've looked at all these and these are not what I saw.  I asked Rijk Swann and they said it was purchased from Mole Valley Farmers in Bridgewater, looked on Mole Valley Website and they do not show it.  However they do show a Haxnicks Speed hoe which has the similarities for just one part of the one I'm looking for.  It looks as though it was almost certainly made by Haxnicks and maybe discontinued/no longer available in UK?  The one I saw had a triangular shape on one side and when you turned it over it had a Warren style hoe the other.  It really is a beautiful dual purpose hoe.  I hope this narrows the ideas and someone out there can come up with the answer

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