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I have an area of 14 foot by 28 foot that i want to cover for the winter

I have had 5 seasons of digging it over and would now like to put it to bed until a light hoeing in the Spring

? Can anyone RECOMMEND a good supplier of sheeting please

I have lots of fellow Allotmenteers giving suggestions but no RECS


Have you thought of cardboard?  It cuts the light to teh weeds and seeds but lets in moisture so the soil organisms will be happily working away all winter.  Come spring you can plant straight into it or else pile on a thick layer of garden compost or well-rotted manure and plant into that.  The cardboard will degrade into the soil.

Free if you find some packaging and easy.  No roll ling up great heavy sheets and having to dispose of plastic afterwards.

Failing that, check out your local garden centre, DIY shop or building supplies.  They should have plastic and weed proofing membrane on rolls for sale by the metre.

Obelixx is right - cardboard is a good, cheap alternative.  I'd just say if you decide to use this method, ensure the cardboard is not of the glossy sort and remove all labels/sellotape, etc. beforehand.

I'd recommend groundcoversolutions I use their groundtex. Youd take it up and store it for next time.

I have just bought some heavy duty damp proof membrane black plastic from Screwfix for £8.99 3m x 4m for my 8 raised veg beds.   I will mulch heavily with rotted manure and garden compost then cover until Spring and the worms will take it down.  No weeding and it warms the soil ready for planting.  This can be hosed, dried and used again.

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