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Hi all,

Im in the market for some raised beds. (Just not enough hours in the day to make my own.) I've got my eye on link a bord and everedge.  Had anyone got these, what do you think? Views own plastic v metal v wood? Any other recommendations? (Woodblox too expensive).



supern, it really is so fast to make your own; treated timber gravel boards fastened at the corners by screwing into some 2"x2"s that you have bashed into the ground. I use an electric jigsaw which is not a scary bit of gear at all.

I have always felt that pre-made ones are overpriced for what they are.


Fully endorse what artjak has to say. They are so easy to build, I have a couple on the allotment for growing our salad crops.

They're 6'x3'x12" and all in cost less than £20 and probably took an hour to construct.

The premade ones are way overpriced.


Yeah, I know. But we're so short of time ( working, young son who insists on full attention, refurbing a house) we have to prioritise what we work on and what we buy.  In the past we've bought extra days holiday from work but that was very silly as cost more than getting someone to do work.

Ill get a price on pressure treated wood from my local timber yard and consider.  It's not just the making, it's the going to order, the picking up, etc.  And it needs to look good as its part of a fairly formal garden.

saying that I know what I could made would look so much better.  I've considered buying basic wooden ones and adding finials and painting!


Oh dear.  Brain's gone into design mode.  Think I'll be building my own....

cheers guys.



I'd agree with art and scroggin. Heavy duty fencing timber is very cheap and does the job brilliantly too. If you add a little edging on the top - like a coping - it'll look posher. Mitre the corners.  I'm going for more timber today to do that on mine as they're not for veg - they're for ornamentals. 


I'm supposed to be painting a room at my next time of work.  Hubby's not going to be happy when I make raised beds instead..... Ho hum....


The room can wait - your garden can't Supernoodle...I'm sure hubby will understand that logic....

Steve Worthing

 Made mine out of old decking boards, less than an hour to put together...filling them however takes a bit longer


Its not me, but OH, who does the hard graft, but much better to build your own - can customise the size etc.  and it makes it all your garden - rather than something you can order.  

Its difficult juggling supernoodle (got the t-shirt) - but worth it 10 years down the road ...


Possibly not a lot of help at the moment SNoodle, but I got a Harrod one from Wyevale in Sprowston half-price in their autumn sale  - it was one of their 'superior' square ones and I think I paid around £19.99 - they frequently have some very good reductions (and if you've not been there, the cafeteria is good too!) 


Hi dove,  yes been there, but not for a while. Last time I put my son on the low trolley (he wasn't walking then) and they told me they couldn't find the price tag..... Had forgotten that! Thanks for bringing back that memory!

think have decided to use (new) sleepers but leave it for a project later in the year.  will still keep an eye out in he meantime though.

Hi all im new to all this .iv got a paved over small garden with some pots but im eager to start raised flower bed 6ftx3x1ft depth. my son built from treated deking and lined.

so far so good. Now please help me with filing advice.

Do i need put base of drainage in like grave? And what mix of compost or top soil etc Its a mine field of bagged stuff atgarden centres etc.


flowering rose

my hubby got old decking from  a skip and it made fantastic raised beds for nothing.


Daisymay - I've used a mix of top soil and well-rotted farmyard manure for my raised bed.  You can buy it in bags from the garden centre.  Work out the volume of the bed - the bags will have their volume on so you can work out how many you need. 


Steve Worthing

Daisymay, mine were a little bit bigger so i had to buy in some topsoil (nearly 2 tons) I think the cheapest way to do it would be a mix of any topsoil you have spare and then use B&Q compost (if you don't mind using stuff from peat) 125lt is £6 a bag, so around 4-5 bags might do you. As for drainage raised beds lose water quickly so drainage isn't really necessary. But i would line the bottom & sides with plastic sheeting to stop it leaking out onto your patio and help with water retention.



Hi thanks for all your helpful advice steve,dove and rose.

I will source and 

proberbly do that at whitsun hols.Then hope fully manage to fil with some flowering plants to enjoy over the summer.


thanks. Happy gardening all.



Ooops, oh i meant to say 'gravel' not grave sorry.


Yes Daisy - Steve's right. If they're sitting directly on the paving it would be a good idea to line them with plastic but I'd make sure you have holes for drainage as they could become saturated if there's heavy rain and it can't get away. The plastic helps prevent the wood rotting too.

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