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Hi all. Now I have beds and boarders I am looking to purchase lawn edger as I'm sick of pulling it by hand or scalping with the mower. unfortunately I don't have a roller off so have to mow at edges v carefully. 


So my question, how do you do it and what's the best tool for the job and how much did it cost. Also what brand is best aNd going to last well??

I have straight, round aNd curved edges aNd also grass up the side of concrete drive.

I put in a concrete edge around my lawn.

Dont get those plastic things....they are rubbish.l

If I had to buy any I would go for wood and about 1" below level of grass. Can you just use half moon to keep edges clean and sharp and create a slight ditch between lawn and border?


I'd agree with Verd. You need something solid or it just falls apart. That plastic stuff is an abomination. Timber, brick or paviour.

Concrete's a good shout Verdun - might do that when I finish my fence posts!

Hiya fairygirl

I found it relaxing .....I dug out a narrow "ditch" 6" deep and 4" wide, hammered it down hard, put some gravel in and a few vertical  metal spikes and then laid the concrete to just an inch below the lawn level.  Permanent and it weathers superbly to blend in.  Do stretch at a time 


I will definitely think about that Verdi. One side will border the front path as I am extending the grass, but the other edges will be along the new fence and the border under front window.   Will do that first as I'll need to do a path for entry to side and back gardens.Once I've got a hedge in( bare root along fence this autumn) I'll do that bit too!


How about the scissor type cutters. Are they anygood???

You sound very organised Fairygirl.

Bet your muscles are bigger than Popeyes with all that work!  Impressed.


Heh heh...good for keeping the bingo wings at bay Verd...

RD - I use edging shears for the grass- don't like strimmers.


I use edging shears too. They are fine on curves. I have long handled ones that you can walk round with and short scissor like ones which I use for edging when I'm kneeling on a kneeler weeding. Then every 3 years or so I go round with a half moon cutter if there are tatty bits.


Yes no problem. Just go to B&Q or garden centre- there's plenty to choose from for all sizes of pocket! Keep them sharp so you get a tidy finish.

They're good for the bingo wings too!

Think its the number one thinI in my birthday list! 

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