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Hi all!

I am looking for a brand of garden tools that are long lasting and robust. My husband is keen to buy me some new tools for Xmas, to replace my first set of tools that were real cheapies and bought many years ago!

Can anyone recommend a brand that makes hand trowels and forks, mattocks etc and a gadget for lifting weeds out of lawns?

Many thanks

I've got a Fiskars Weed Puller, which I can recommend for getting rosette-forming weeds out (dandelions, docks, thistles). I'm not sure whether any one brand is good for everything, but do go for stainless steel tools, it does make a difference.

Thanks Landgirl100. I have been looking at the weedpuller which looks rather brilliant. The problem I had is the tynes (I don't know how to spell that!) bending out of shape on my hand forks  and the trowel has come loose from its handle and has bent and spins around which makes things a bit tricky!


I have just replaced  my digging fork and have bought Burgon and Ball stainless steel. They look well made and have a 10 year guarantee. My old tools are Wilkinson Sword, but the modern ones with that label are not the same.

To give you a good guide, can i recommend any sort of digging or hand tool with a good solid wooden ash handle and steel blade or fork.

I have used most garden tools and the only ones with any longevity are wooden handled usually ash and carbon steel blades.

The cutting tools I use the fiskars, they are reliable and give great cuts.

Much of the cheap metal tools you see about these days fail within a year.

Spend well and they will repay you with years of service. 



I have a mixture of brands but have gone for stainless steel the same as Landgirl and I have had them all for many years with no trouble.  They may be more expensive but well work the extra cost.

I'm not going to be very helpful in terms of suggesting good brands, but have seen Bentley stuff on line and thought it good for replacements for the reasons dove has said. Bentley can be expensive though but after Christmas often tools are half price and for the life of me can't remember the website where I've seen this.


Sneerboer are expensive, but i love mine.  I built up a collection by getting my family to club together and buy me a new item every year.  

OH has a habit of destroying tools ( doesn't know his own strength!) but we have found Bulldog spades and forks have survived his rather brutal approach to digging.

and for secateurs, felcos are famous for good reason - love my number 7's

Stacey Docherty

I go for the wolf interchangeable every time.... Purchase the Handel and then soooooo many tool heads that just click In. I have brushes,trowels,rakes,spades, claws, lawn edging tools and many many more just fab. And quite often on offer in many places....


Wolf system for me too.  I have a board hung on the garage wall with screws to hang the various heads and a range of handle lengths from hand tool to full length for assorted hoe, cultivator, weed puller and rake heads and a medium length for the lawn edger tool.  There's also a pruning saw and a barrow thing for distributing lawn weed and feed and I have two or three trowels.

Wolf loppers are good too but Felco every time for secateurs.

Stainless steel border fork and spade.

I have a copper trowel and a weeder , called a Nunki, from Implementations. They are a joy to use, expensive but so worth it.

...Greenfingers is the site I was thinking of for Bentley tools.

They have some very good sale items at present 75% and 50% off some stuff, didn't check out the tools section...worth a visit though Pamela.   

Wolf is another good brand for the interchange tool heads...

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