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I have just tried to assemble the reduced from £67 to £34 shredder from Tesco. I suspected from the amount of sellotape on the box that it had been returned by another customer. The first 'leg/support' went on fine, the second had a crossed thread so the screw would not go in. I refuse to re-package the whole thing, I will just take it back to them in bags

Mark 499

You really do get what you pay for,

Sometimes you can pick up a bargin and it sounds like yours would have been but for the crossed thread. You take your chances, but nothing lost apart from a trip back to the shop for a refund although annoying when the item wasn't fit for purpose. 



I have just been on the phone to Tesco and was pleasantly surprised at the response. I was given 2 options, swop the machine (but they have none in stock) so would have to wait possibly months to get a new one, meanwhile machine is blocking the porch. It is too heavy for me to carry to the studio which is where it is supposed to live. The other option is to get a refund.

With both options, I do not have to return with it to the store; they collect and deliver.

I guess because of the recent downturn in their popularity they are trying a bit harder. Sadly the staff in their stores still seem to regard the customer as a lower life form.



When I worked our office was a short way from a very large 2 hour Tesco - I did lots of shopping there - don't think I've been since I retired - do you think they'll blame me for their slump in profits? 

Considering they were only open for 2 hours by your reckoning Dove? I think they'll have more to blame than just you

Oh bu***r - that 4 key needs a jolly good slapping 


So I have to be here from 7a.m. to 7p.m. for them to collect. Have been out with Nut for most of the day, at a BBQ this pm so will repack the thing at 6.30 am 2morrow


Have just dine so Mike


Sorry, should have typed 'done so'

We have a large Tesco store near us in Cornwall (without a petrol station).  What bugs me is getting the vouchers/points for money off petrol when the nearest Tesco petrol station is over 20 miles away.  The till staff are always very apologetic when they give you your petrol voucher as I am sure that they have heard so many times "thanks for the voucher! the money I save I will spend driving to the tesco petrol station""!  I would prefer to be given the option of petrol vouchers or an alternative.


Sooooo....the shredder saga continues. I took the small mutt for a walk at 6.15 this morning, (poor little thing she was practically comatose at that hour) so I could get back and pack the thing by I then waited...and waited...until 2.00 pm when I heard a van slow down. Dashed out onto the pavement and a large white van with 'day and night courier' written on the back was about 40 feet down the road. Tesco use a firm called Yodel () to do their collections. I waved and tried to look needy and he drove off slowly, didn't turn around in the little side road there and I'm saying 'oh you numpty' under my breath...and off he goes! So I waited....and waited...and at 7.01pm I called Tesco and eventually (after 8 minutes) got put through to charming Scottish Davie who was very apologetic and said 'just leave the thing outside tomorrow'. We then discussed other things, (he recommends Isle of Jura as the best whisky.) He then said that if I was interested in the £75 shredder he would give me £20 off and he has paid that sum into my credit card. So he was charming and helpful, but I don't want to spend £55 on a shredder (in my dreams I would like a hand shredder as an old friend had 40 years ago, but no one does them that I can find) They had my address quite upside down, NOT the address that I put on the form online, something generated by a sloppy database.

I could not even go and weed the veg bed in case I missed the van driver. A wasted day really.

AJak.......that sounds a terrible could probably have shredded your stuff with a pair of scissors in that time

The Scottish accent has been voted the best, most friendly and warm accent to use in a call centre   ( a useless piece of info I came across somewhere ) soothes us and makes us forget our complaints apparently. 

Apologies to any Scots members......I love the accent myself


I bought a half-price Tesco BBQ earlier today and spent 3 hours putting it together.  I'm now much too exhausted to actually use it


DyersE, you have my sympathy. Normally I love assembling stuff, but only when the parts actually work


Tesco call centre in my old home town up north. Makes me homesick when I hear what was once my own accent!