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I really fancy getting some rootrainers because everyone says they do a really good job, but the only ones i can find look really flimsy. Are they worth the cost, they look like they wont last two years!


Cheers guys


This is my first year of using them, so can't comment on durability yet.  But the inside of old loo rolls do the trick too, and you plant the whole thing.

Steve 309

I used previously-used ones a couple of years back when I was working in a NT garden.  They were indeed pretty flimsy and some of them got damaged although we managed to bodge some of them up.  I wouldn't buy them,  Loo rolls are bigger, free and biodegradeable.  Or make your own paper ones out of newspaper.


I've used mine for sweetpeas for the past three years. I like them. For certain plants that like long root runs I think they are ideal. They are fine if you are careful with them. They won't stand rough handling.


I also use mine for sweet peas and have used the same ones for two years and will definitely get another few years out of them yet. I agree with fidgetbones as long as you are careful with them they will last several years. I find they do a great job with sweet peas or seeds that will have long  roots 


Steve 309

Probably my hamfistedness then!

My root trainers are worth it they have lasted a long while even if I managed to slip a bit of the tray on top they are all held together in the frame or green tray under as I have a few different ones even a row trainer

I sow lots of runner French beans and sweetcorn they are so easy to get the plants out and plant and the roots are great, I normally use a hand held bulb planter to quick make hole the plant them out

Here is a video about them

Good idea about the bulbplanter - must remember that !

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