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I think two weeks for a root system to develop is a bit optimistic.

I've never done roses but other layerings I just pin to the ground and leave them to sort themselves out over a season.

For potted ones, I'd want to see roots at the bottom of the pot before I planted them out. Have you cut the umbellical cord of the one you transferred from bag to pot?

The leaves developing is not necessarily a sign of roots developing, don't depend on it. Give them time. These are next yea's plants, this year's babies.

I'm like nut, I take cuttings and leave them almost a year before doing anything with them. I get the unwanted florists buckets, black plastics ones you see outside garages and shops, I get them free, and just plunge the cuttings into ordinary garden soil with some added grit. I get very few failures and when I finally tip them out they're ready to go straight in. Patience is the key.


After re-reading the post I'm not sure if we're talking about cuttings or layering. But it all takes time


Maybe we're talking about 'air-layering' - the talk of 'bags' suggests that to me.

Although why one would bother to air-layer a rose when cuttings strike so easily I'm not sure 


Perhaps I should give that a try CN, my cuttings are a bit iffy

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