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My Kubota LP 360 will occasionally fire up but only for a few revs. then it stops. I think I've done all the usual things, to no avail.

Any ideas please ?


Not sure what usual things you've looked already, but the only things that spring to mind are a partial blockage in the fuel supply. I don't know what sort of carb. is fitted but a but of gunk around the needle could be the problem.

Only other thing I can think of is a really dirty air filter.

It seems you get a spark ok, so the other areas to look at are fuel and air supply.

Or, possibly - if the fuel has been in the tank for quite a while, it may have degraded

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Thanks Pete.

I've done the following:

Removed Mikuni carburettor and found that no fuel was in the float chamber, despite it flowing freely to the banjo connection.

I gave everything a good clean, ensured all parts were moving freely and changed the old petrol for new.

After re-assembly and refitting the carb the fuel flowed freely into the float chamber

The air filter was totally blocked so was thoroughly cleaned


I just had a quick look at a diagram of the Mikuni - it has 2 jets - a starter jet connected to the Starter Plunger, and a main jet (assuming it's the same carb as yours - )

Could it be that the starter jet is ok, but there's a problem with the main jet - possibly the needle valve stuck in the closed position?

Thanks Pete,

Unfortunately my carb is nothing like the one in your diagram - it has ' MIKUNI B2 ' stamped on the side, I guess I'll have to start again and take the carb off and dismantle it, A real pain!



Hmmm - I think it's your only option Peter.
I tried googling MIKUNI B2, but didn't get anything that was obviously a MIKUNI B2..

Seems you've got a spark and a clean air filter, so the only thing missing is a decent flow of fuel

Best of luck & Happy New Year!

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