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My Mum is in England and getting me a pair of Felcos for my birthday but I need to tell her which ones to get. I've looked through their website and there doesn't seem to be a sizing guide. Most of their products are for large hands but I'm not sure how big 'large' is. My hand is L17.5, W 7.5, Hand span 20.5. Is there anyone with similar size hands and experience with Felcos who could advise me?


I don't really think there's a better way than try them yourself. As that doesn't seem possible, is there any chance that your mother's hands are of a similar size to yours and maybe she could try them to see how they feel?

Paul N

I have small hands and own two pairs of Felcos. Both are fine for me but as figrat said, can't you find some in a garden centre near year to try out. BTW your Mum is choosing well as Felcos are the Rolls Royce of secateurs. They even make a pair for the left-handed gardener. They are do spares and a re-sharpening service.

Kathy 2

My hand is 17cm long, 8.5 wide and 18cm span. I have Felco 2 secateurs and they are fine. My daughter has similar sized hands and she also loves her Felco 2's. Hope this helps.  


Thanks guys!! There is no where to buy Felco's (or try them) in Joburg and I wouldn't want her to bring them out only to find that they're uncomfortable to use but now I am happy, and excited. Will get them in time to do winter pruning here.

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