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Lost my good secateurs.  Phone rang, put them down, rushed into the house, came back out - senior moment, can't find them.

Bought this very cheap set.  First took out the ones on the right without looking closely at them and found of course I couldn't chop as they don't have blades on both sides whilst the other pair do.

This is probably the stupidest question I've ever come up with so far - but what are these for with a blade on one side and plastic on the other?  (I know I'm going to slap myself on the forehead when someone puts me right on this)!


That's handy. I did wonder what anvil ones were for but never got round to looking up. Does anyone regularly use the anvil ones?

i tried anvil ones, prefer bypass myself



Bypass for me too.



Ah - thanks for this.  I can't get the anvil ones to cut anything though.  Will need to practice or maybe it's harder because they were cheap as chips ones.


If they were mine, I would wrap red insulation tape around the handles, much easier to spot in the garden.



I had a pair of anvil ones years ago which my  Mum bought me but I never found they cut cleanly so I stick with bypass. Perhaps they were poorer quality though and just didn't function very well.

I have to get the ratchet ones, think mine are bypass, either way if they last more than a year, im doing well!

I got some ratchet anvil ones at The Royal Norfolk Show about 2/3 years ago - for about £4.5 i don't use them as my main secateurs, but they have lasted well and can tackle really thick material. Sadly there is no manufacturers name on them.

My by-pass ones are Wilkinson Sword with a rolling handle and were pretty cheap and have lasted years. I just wish these things were a smidgen smaller for women's hands (then they would probably colour them pink)


ps; the ratchet anvil ones are not good on thin green material only good for large woody stuff.

Ahh that must be what ive got then, i tend to have to use scissors for thin stuff

I'm tempted to try a ratchet anvil type.  At least would stop me trying my bypass on inappropriate wood! Artjak, I treated myself to a felco earlier in the year. They do a smaller lighter version (no 6) of the most popular for slightly smaller hands. And they avoided the temptation to colour it pink or purple!

I would reccomend the ratchet ones to anyone, recently converted my mom too



Lyn good idea on the red tape.  Must do that for all my small stuff.


Supernoodle I was always 'losing' my screwdriver on building sites, then my sister bought me one with a handle covered in roses; it NEVER went missing

But I would hate to have to buy pink or purple garden or carpentry tools just because they fit a woman's hand I will look up Felco No 6.


Just looked it up; beautiful, but pricey and does not have the rotating handle which I have got used to (very weird at first though).

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