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Thank you Nutcutlet they are the only one I can find in the uk as well so I may order from the U.S.A next week



Thank you FB I have ordered some of these but will they hold the heat like Polystyrene?




expanded polystyrene will keep heat out as well as hold it in. I have used  ep fish boxes for growing things in, but have always considered the air temperature that the plant leaves are exposed to , to be the most important factor. I use plug trays for cuttings, and have no problems.


getting stuff from the USA not very 'green' James


I know NutCutlet But I'm going to Florida in May But Fidgetbones has just given me a idea to ask at that my chip shop for styrene boxes

I use similar trays to fidgetbones and get them free from a local nusery, who in the Spring sell tiny plug plants. To cut to the chase you select your plants and put them in a tray to take home. Now, if you only want six plug plants at 30p each they still need to be taken home in a tray 

 The Polystyrene one's can also be obtained for free from most GC's although you do need to purchase the plants which come in them. If you just want the tray wait for the GC not to water the plants or a really hot day and obtain them at discount from the nearly dead section


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