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So after a major tidy up I'm quite proud of my new organised system.  Previously a pile of I dont know what, now reasonably sorted with different bays plus the black bin.  I've named it "Mini Monty" after Monty's piece a few weeks ago which inspired me to get off my butt.  Speaking of which,  next project is a new water butt system.....





Well done you! Amazing what a couple of old doors can be used for.

Nice compost area. Much as I'd like all that area to compost there isn't room. I've various stashes hidden around the garden.

yes I'm lucky with the space.  Previously it was just a kind of dumping ground behind a hedge.  it doesnt matter how much space you have, its the process that counts.  before I did this I made do with the black bin and bits and pieces all over the place.

on the doors, they were aroiginally put to one side to re-use in our exstension but I forgot about them and left them outside in the weather until they were past the point of no return!

Billy Goat

This is my masterpiece, like MR weeds I was inspired by Monty.  Another factor was I had the Dalek style bins which I found a pain to turn.  With my new system I can turn it not problem wth a fork or when I want to save my back I run my rotavator into it. 

I use the right hand side for leaves which was full to the top last autumn and have rotted down ready to use now and the right is for general garden waste.  They are 1.2m x 1.2m x 1.5m using standard fencing boards.



well thats neater than mine - I better go and have another tidy up!

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